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Vegetable Bouillon

For the past few years we have made homemade vegetable bouillon in the fall, which we then freeze for winter use.  I have never loved freezing the bouillon though, as it takes up valuable freezer space and there is always a concern should the freezer fail.  Therefore, this year we decided to go a few steps further and dehydrate the bouillon so we could turn it into powder.  I looked online for a recipe, but in the end we combined a few of our favourites instead.  John and I joke that this recipe is part of our 3 mile diet:  all of the produce was either purchased within this distance of our house, or grown in our vegetable garden.

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Roughly chop:

5 leeks

1 shallot

15 carrots

Approximately 20 ribs of celery (I used about a bunch and a half, with a lot of leaves)

10 tomatoes (cored)

6 large cloves garlic

Heat a few tablespoons of good quality olive oil in a heavy pot and add all vegetables. 

To this, add:

1 package of nutritional yeast (142 grams)

10 bay leaves

4-5 cups parsley

5 sprigs rosemary (each about 7” long, use leaves only)

10 tablespoons good quality salt

Simmer for approximately an hour/hour and a half until vegetables are soft and liquid has been reduced, then blend in a food processor and spread onto parchment pieces on top of dehydrator racks. 

Dehydrate until completely dried and brittle (ours took 2 days), then blend into powder and store in jars. 


Mix with hot water and add a few spoonfuls to soups, stews, rice, and other dishes for flavour. 


This recipe made about 5 cups of bouillon powder, so I’m going to make another batch this week.  Next year I think I will make a few different flavoured bouillons – perhaps one that is Asian-inspired with soy sauce and shiitakes, or even a pho base made with lemongrass, star anise, ginger, etc. 

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If you have done this, or have another favourite recipe, please share below!

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