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We have slowly been working to process all of the fermenting goodness on our counter, and today I decided to tackle home sriracha using some of my fermented peppers.  Most of the recipes online call for a mix of garlic, brown sugar, peppers and vinegar, so I drained a jar of fermented peppers, then had an epiphany and added some of the honey garlic that I’m fermenting on the counter as well as a splash of vinegar.  I blended it all up, then strained and poured into my repurposed maple syrup bottle. 


The sauce is a bit liquid, but I didn’t want to cook it down and lose the health benefits of the lactobacillus bacteria that I have worked hard to foster over the past few months!  Like the other sauces we have recently made, it is very spicy, but in this case the honey and garlic have added a nice subtlety to the sauce as well. 

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