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Vaccine Passports

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: August 24, 2021 11:56 AM To:; Cc:; mayorandcouncil <>; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;; Max Bernier <>;; Subject: Vaccine Passports

I am writing to express my deep concern at your announcement yesterday, as well as to address and correct some of the misleading statements that were made by Dr. Henry and Mr. Dix. First and foremost, in May, 2021 Dr. Henry made a statement that vaccine passports would increase societal inequities and it was not her “advice that we have any sort of vaccine passport within British Columbia”. This was only three months ago. Nothing has changed since that time that would justify a pivot in direction, nor is societal discrimination acceptable at any time, for any reason. This government has already recognized that Indigenous and other minority groups will be disproportionately affected by this public health order.

Dr. Henry also indicated that the unvaccinated are at a greater risk of spreading Covid-19. This is extremely disingenuous, as you are all aware that the countries that started vaccinating their citizens the soonest this year are now experiencing “breakthrough” cases in numbers that are closely mirroring (and exceeding) the proportion of vaccinated individuals in those societies. In particular, you are aware of the following facts relating to the ineffectiveness of the “vaccines”:

There are many more studies showing that the vaccines are not effective in preventing Covid-19 cases; however you are much more familiar with this data than I, and your failure to mention it in press briefings is a clear sign of your political motivations.

As you also know, the “vaccine” is not a vaccine, but is in fact a therapeutic. None of the pharmaceutical manufacturers tested their product to determine whether it prevented transmission, but rather the “vaccines” were tested for relative and absolute risk reduction. You are also aware of their limitations in regard to those risk reductions. Studies have shown that the viral load in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are similar. ( Therefore, it is abundantly clear that your attempts to vilify and segregate the unvaccinated are not based on any concern for the health of our society, but rather an attempt to ostracize and coerce the unvaccinated into compliance.

The ”vaccines” are not safe and effective. They have been linked to many adverse effects, including but not limited to the following: blood clots, prion disease, neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders, exacerbation of prior conditions, Bell’s Palsy, Guillian-Barre Syndrome, anaphylaxis, myocarditis, thrombosis and infertility. There is also an extremely legitimate concern (borne out by this year’s unseasonal summer flu case increases) that these vaccines, especially with multiple administrations, lower one’s innate immunity and may cause antibody-dependent enhancement (“ADE”). If ADE cases increase this fall, there will be many severe cases of “Covid-19”, which, presumably, you plan to blame on the unvaccinated.

Your attempt to roll out a vaccine passport that does not allow for free will, or religious or medical exemptions is not only a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but an obvious attempt to gloss over the fact that no vaccine program should need 100% participation in order to be effective. Aiming for all members of society to be vaccinated, and aiming for zero Covid cases, is untenable in both regards. Your blanket recommendation that everyone should be vaccinated flies in the face of our allopathic medical system, where such a decision should always be made by the individual in conjunction with a discussion with their family doctor or other healthcare specialist. In Mr. Dix’ case, it also constitutes practising medicine without a license.

Vaccine passports violate medical privacy laws. No one should have to provide proof of a medical treatment in order to be “allowed” to be a member of society. This is not how a civilized society works; it is, however, a very effective way to create a divisive socialist society in which one is blamed and castigated for other’s problems. You also know that, under Canadian law, vaccinations cannot be mandated by the government. This attempt to push vaccine policing over to private businesses is disgusting, immoral and illegal.

Vaccine passport systems have not been shown to reduce viral spread. This is especially true when you already know that asymptomatic spread is not a contributor to this “pandemic”. You have, in effect, stated that unvaccinated healthy people may not eat in a restaurant when vaccinated people exhibiting signs of viral infection are free to enter. Any rational basis for a passport system has clearly not been met, and it is a blatant and unreasonable overreach into one’s personal rights and freedoms.

I would also like to indicate my concern that you have created a dangerous environment for me and my family, for the following reasons:

  • In July, 2021, you mailed three (3) letters to our residence, each of which clearly stated on the envelope that “A Covid-19 vaccine [had] been reserved for [the recipient]”. This indicated to my letter carrier, all members of the postal service who handled my mail, and my neighbours and anyone else walking by my mailbox that I am – in your eyes – a non-compliant, “vaccine-hesitant” “super-spreader”.

  • On many occasions, most recently yesterday, you have accused the unvaccinated of being irresponsible and exposing society to risk and indicated you had “no tolerance” for them.

  • You have barred the unvaccinated from society for over four months, for no scientific or rational reason. And we all know that you will extend your public health orders for as long as you feel necessary to try to beat the unvaccinated into submission. So, in effect, you have attempted to deprive me of my birthday party, my husband’s birthday party, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years’ celebrations. You have also deprived our daughter of any opportunity and invitation that she may receive for parties, get-togethers, etc.

  • You have violated my Charter rights and freedoms in the name of the collective good – amongst others, my rights to congregate and my rights relating to medical privacy.

The fact that people will now know if I am vaccinated based on the statements you have made about me, and whether I am allowed to access certain societal rights, is Nazism at its finest. Are you intending to have me and my family wear yellow Stars of David, perhaps? Or maybe just paint a sign on our front door that states “Unclean”? Although you probably don’t need the reminder, since you appear to be acting pursuant to their playbook, let me remind you how the Nazis identified and treated Jews in 1930’s Germany:

  • They restricted Jews from attending schools and universities.

  • They barred Jews from theaters, sports facilities and other entertainment venues.

  • They forbade Jewish doctors from treating non-Jewish patients.

  • They excluded Jews from the military.

  • They prohibited Jews from hospital admissions.

  • They invoked laws requiring Jews to register their wealth (and have it expropriated), and invoked a process to remove Jewish workers from businesses.

  • They forced Jews to identify themselves in ways to separate themselves from the rest of society.

Sound familiar? It should, and it is sickening. This is not my country, and this is not my province. What you are doing to society through your constant psychological operations and fear mongering is treasonous and grotesque. You should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves, and I encourage you to think about the consequences of pursuing this path. If the unvaccinated are not part of society, and if you are actively encouraging people to hate them, every act of aggression against an unvaccinated (or perceived unvaccinated) person is a direct result of your actions to incite hatred against this group of people. It is shocking to me that, not only do you not appear to care about the consequences of your actions, but this appears to be your intent.

I hope that your sense of decency kicks in very quickly. Failing that, I am very concerned about this very dark time that we are entering into in Canada. I’d like to remind you also of what John Locke stated about this situation: Mr. Locke’s position was that where a government fails to protect one’s natural rights to life, liberty and property in a way that oppresses them, then that government is illegitimate and cannot be recognized. Unfortunately if you proceed to march down this path, the citizens of BC will have no choice but to act pursuant to this philosophy.

Regards from one of BC’s new class of Unter-vaccine-menschen.

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