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Vaccine Passports

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: July 13, 2021 12:12 PM To: Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Poilievre, Pierre - M.P. <>;;;;;; Singh, Jagmeet - M.P. <>;;; Subject: Vaccine Passports


I am writing to you to express my deep disgust regarding your statements relating to Covid-19 vaccine passports over the past few months. Various governmental entities across Canada have made multiple statements regarding these passports in the past few months, and it is apparent that their agenda is to normalize the concept of medical segregation and invasion of privacy into the medical health of all Canadians. . As you are aware, these passports are completely unethical as well as illegal under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are just another nail in the coffin for Canada, and a further push into the globalism that all world leaders seem to have prioritized at present. As a Canadian citizen, I do not consent to any of my representatives acting on behalf of the WEF, UN or other globalist organizations, and as you are fully aware, acting in those interests instead of those of Canadians constitutes treason.

I’m not going to belabour the other points relating to vaccines and vaccine passports, except to dismiss them:

  • There is no global pandemic. The inventor of the PCR test clearly stated this test is useless to identify a virus, and the fact that government entities are using different cycle counts to identify the virus in vaccinated versus non-vaccinated persons clearly shows their improper and illicit agenda. Dr. Jared Bullard as much as admitted this in the recent Manitoba constitutional case.

  • If indeed there was a pandemic, you must disclose all documentation relating to the Winnipeg National Microbiology Laboratory to the citizens of Canada to confirm that the Canadian Government has not, in fact, been working in concert with the CCP against Canadian citizens to knowingly infect them and/or to knowingly create a situation requiring a “vaccine”.

  • Lockdowns, social distancing and masks have not been shown to be effective to prevent any disease. Isolating people has been shown time and again to negatively affect their immune systems, so any decrease in “cases” is temporary and will be followed by a huge spike in more severe illness – which is likely to occur this fall, as you are fully aware. These CCP-directed practises have flown in the face of Canada’s established pandemic protocols and show, yet again, that governmental entities are not acting rationally or in the best interests of their citizenry.

  • The average Canadian thinks that their risk of contracting and dying from Covid-19 is many magnitudes higher than it actually is. This is a direct result of the Canadian Government using psychological techniques to instill fear in its citizens, and constitutes another act of treason by those ordering them.

  • Vaccines have not been proven to prevent transmission, nor have they been proven to prevent infection. Any segregation of people according to vaccine status is clearly an attempt by the government to vilify and coerce a contingent of the population. This, of course, was most effective in 1930’s Germany, and when combined with your current media controls and destruction of the economy, is a clear indicator to all Canadians that you are intent on revisiting a very dark time in history.

  • Vaccines have limited efficacy, as you are aware. Pfizer has already advised that its vaccine loses efficacy after 6 months, and a booster shot will be needed at this point. Vaccine passports are the beginning of the road for endless unnecessary and intrusive medical treatments on anyone who is docile enough to agree to them. As you are also aware, NONE of the current vaccines has an absolute risk reduction greater than 2%, and that is generously assuming that the pharmaceutical companies with pages-long criminal records for fraud, bribery and obfuscation have accurately represented the raw data that they have thus far refused to disclose.

  • The vaccines have only been authorized because of the current “pandemic”. This government is fully aware of all of the studies showing that Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D, Quercetin and other medications and supplements can prevent Covid-19 prophylactically, as well as cure people who are infected with the virus. The “experts” touting the vaccines over these proven and safe alternatives have been financially and politically compromised.

  • The Government of Canada has prescribed the use of vaccines such that even their manufacturers will not warrant their efficacy. If vaccines were intended to improve the health of our population, Dr. Tam, NACI, etc. would NEVER have promoted using vaccines in a way that are not recommended by their manufacturers. Indeed, it is debatable that people taking some of these combinations of vaccines are even “fully” vaccinated – does this mean they need to roll the dice and risk a third or fourth round of side effects?

  • The “vaccines” have been shown to negatively affect their user’s immune systems. This dovetails with my point above re lockdowns. This winter is likely to be a brutal “flu” season, and rest assured that critical thinkers fully understand who and what are responsible for this situation.

  • Even the government’s own records, which are heavily skewed to representing these vaccines as safe and effective, show thousands of adverse events and, as of 2 weeks ago, 130 deaths from the various vaccines. These numbers, by all accounts, are extremely conservative given the government’s current full-steam ahead push to vaccinate everyone in this country, regardless of their risk of death from Covid-19.

  • Coercing people to take an experimental (or non-experimental) treatment with a risk of death, blood clots, heart disease, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, etc., etc. is a violation of the Nuremburg Code, and is punishable in accordance with that code.

There are more points, of course, but I need to get back to work to pay for the taxes you are about to increase to subsidize this Government’s out of control spending. I’d like to finish by advising that, by my estimation, at least 30% of this country is not prepared to accept your draconian “health” measures, nor are they willing to live in a fascist dictatorship. This percentage is clearly too high for you to reach your next globalist target, so my advice to you and the other governmental entities in this country is to start acting in the best interests of all Canadians instead of perpetually seeking to divide and conquer.

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