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"Vaccinate by Family Day"

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: January 27, 2022 2:16 PM To: '' <> Cc: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <> Subject: "Vaccinate by Family Day"

Dr. Pollock,

I read the Castanet news article this morning wherein you advise that “the pediatric COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective” and encourage everyone to vaccinate their children aged five years and up prior to February 21, 2022. Please find attached a Notice of Liability advising you that your actions are unlawful and will subject you to civil and criminal liability, both in your capacity as an Interior Health employee and personally for your breach of fiduciary duty and willful misconduct.

Children are not, and have never been, at serious risk from the COVID-19 virus. From the start of the pandemic until January 14, 2022, 15 children between 0-11 years of age, and 9 children between 12-19 years of age, have died from COVID-19. Unfortunately (and coincidentally), no branch of Canadian government appears to be able to report the number of co-morbidities associated with each person who died from COVID-19. Suffice to say it is likely that most, if not all, of these children were immune-compromised prior to being exposed to COVID-19, and the odds of a healthy child dying from such illness is, for all intents and purposes, 0%.

Pfizer’s trial on children aged 5-11 years was conducted on 2,268 children for a period of two months. Since you are a scientist, I would assume that you understand that when the risk of death to a child is miniscule, testing this small amount of children for a minimal amount of time will not garner any information on how many children must be vaccinated in order to save one child from dying, nor will such a small group show all of the adverse effects that are likely to present themselves within a larger population. Estimates for myocarditis in older children/teens places the risk at anywhere from 1/2000 to 1/5000; however, as you know from reviewing the statistics, the younger the treating group, the greater the incidence of myocarditis. Is it acceptable for even one child to suffer myocarditis for the rest of their life by receiving a treatment for an illness that never posted a threat? Is it acceptable for even one child to die of a heart attack from this vaccine? (You know there have already been several children in Canada who have suffered heart attacks since the vaccination rollout, including a young boy in Manitoba. Thank goodness we don’t perform autopsies on the vaccinated in order to support Bonnie’s narrative.)

Furthermore, since Pfizer ended the trial after two months, we have no idea what the long term effects of this treatment are for children. We already know that some doctors are raising the alarm on increased cancer risks post-vaccination. We also know that health practitioners in Canada are being silenced and threatened not to speak out about increased rates of strokes, miscarriages and neurological issues post-vaccination.

Albert Bourla (that bastion of ethics in medicine) recently noted that two Pfizer vaccines are not effective to prevent the prevalent variant (Omicron), and a booster acts to only very temporarily increase the number of one’s T-cells. As you are aware, every country with a high proportion of vaccinated citizens is currently seeing large numbers of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, relative to those less vaccinated populations. It is abundantly clear that the vaccines do not work, either to prevent transmission or to prevent symptoms.

In terms of your personal liability, you are, or should be aware, that many countries around the world have assessed the risks and benefits associated with this vaccine in young children, and decided that the risks are too great, the most recent of these countries being Sweden. Apparently Canadian children don’t suffer the same adverse effects as their peers around the world. I personally am aware of a young girl who suffered anaphylactic shock last week after receiving her first dose. I’m assuming that her parents, who want to “do the right thing”, will proceed with having her double vaccinated, and then boosted ad nauseum each time a medical professional within this province advises them to do so. I know now why I didn’t go into medicine: it wasn’t the thought of literal blood on my hands, but rather the metaphorical kind by following “standard of care” instead of listening to one’s conscience and assessing evidence independent of influence. I would implore you to reverse your recommendation, if BC’s health system has any integrity left at all.

If just one (more) child in this province suffers an adverse effect from COVID-19 vaccination, I hope that it is your child so that you may personally take on the tragic consequences of your role in this Dystopian nightmare.

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