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"Unvaxxed dad loses custody"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

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Just to get this straight, a father who is not vaccinated with a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent transmission (and was never approved to prevent transmission) is being prevented from visiting with his (now) vaccinated children in order not to give them a disease that he doesn’t have? And the court has taken judicial notice of the fact that these vaccines, which were tested for two months, on 2400 children, are safe and effective for a demographic that was never at risk of dying of COVID-19, even though higher rates of myocarditis are anticipated in vaccinated children, and even though there have already been reports of several children in Canada (Sean Hartman, for one) dying of heart attacks after the vaccine? And, apparently, the option to rapid test before every access visit was not even a possible compromise?

I note that judges in this country are loathe to separate children from their parents, even when said parents are drug or alcohol-addicted, neglectful or abusive. Apparently not being vaccinated for a disease with the same fatality rate as the flu is now a worse crime in Canada than shooting up heroin.

I also note that, while many countries are dropping COVID-19 restrictions as quickly as they can, the Canadian courts have now given any malicious parent who wants to sabotage the custody of the other accessing parent the perfect precedent for destroying an unvaccinated parent’s relationship with his or her children in the name of “health”.

Canada has lost the plot.

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