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Trudeau Stands With Protestors in China

Sent: November 29, 2022 4:13 PM To:;; Cc: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;;; Subject: Trudeau Stands With Protestors in China

Mr. Trudeau,

I see you stated today that “everyone in China should be allowed to express themselves, should be allowed to share their perspectives, and, indeed, protest.” You followed up that sentiment by reiterating that Canada is “going to continue to ensure that China knows that we’ll stand up for human rights, we’ll stand with people who are expressing themselves.” This is, of course, in addition to parliamentary secretary Sidhu’s statement yesterday that “[p]rotesters should be able to peacefully protest and share their views without fearing for their safety”.

Can you please explain to me why you believe the Chinese, in fighting a tyrannical government that unilaterally shuts down businesses, imprisons healthy people in their residences and persecutes minority groups, should be protected in their protesting, when you refuse to afford these same rights to the citizens of Canada? Do you remember when you unlawfully imposed the Emergencies Act specifically so that you could strongarm truckers who opposed your mandates and unleash UN thugs on law-abiding grandmothers and non-corrupted media sources? Do you remember those fun videos from last winter where these same thugs (please God don’t let them actually be Canadian) were beating peaceful and weaponless ralliers, as well as stealing their fuel, impounding their vehicles and threatening to kill their dogs? Is this what we call cognitive dissonance? Or just more Liberal gaslighting? Either way, on behalf of everyone who supported the Freedom Convoy, and who has opposed your draconian and unjustifiable assaults on Canadian rights over the past seven years, please accept my sincere and heartfelt response to these statements: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, good one!!!!

And, just a reminder that Canadians are still waiting to hear which 11 MPs were bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party in the last elections. Thanks in advance for publishing that information tout suite, I know election integrity (and the democratic process!) is one of your top priorities.

Looking forward to the first annual Convoy reunion tour – I’m currently perusing Amazon to make sure I have the biggest bounce house next February!

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