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"Trudeau says Canadians are 'angry' and 'frustrated' with the unvaccinated"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: January 6, 2022 10:12 AM To: Cc: 'Singh, Jagmeet - M.P.' <>; '' <>; '' <>; 'Gray, Tracy - M.P.' <>; '' <>; 'Poilievre, Pierre - M.P.' <> Subject: "Trudeau says Canadians are 'angry' and 'frustrated' with the unvaccinated"

Mr. Trudeau,

No, Canadians are not angry and frustrated with the unvaccinated. They are, however, angry and frustrated that:

  • Your government is still blaming the unvaccinated for a disease that is more prevalent in the vaccinated at present (85% current cases, as you know, are vaccinated – which almost perfectly aligns with the proportion of vaccinated people in society – more proof that your vaccination campaign has been a complete and utter failure);

  • You continue to perpetuate the myth that the “vaccines” actually prevent transmission, which as we know is completely untrue;

  • Despite the insane amounts of taxes that we all pay, our provincial healthcare systems are wholly unprepared for a normal flu season (and this has been exacerbated by each province, barring a select few, terminating healthy, unvaccinated individuals while allowing vaccinated individuals who test positive to tend to the ill – because, “science”);

  • Our unelected and complicit public health officials have taken it upon themselves to cancel “elective” surgeries and treatments pre-emptively “just in case” Omicron turns out to be more dangerous than it has been proven to be in each country in which it has been studied;

  • Your government continues to ignore decades of virology research by refusing to recognize previous exposure to COVID-19 for individuals to obtain an exemption to your tyrannical vaccine mandates;

  • You continue to attack the “unvaccinated” by accusing them of misogyny, racism, lack of intelligence, lack of education, etc. (without any basis) in order to incite hatred and violence against these individuals in violation of the Canadian Criminal Code (nicely done on smearing us en francais last week – unfortunately us yokels out west still received your message loud and clear);

  • Our national broadcasting corporation continually acts as your mouthpiece to attempt to divide Canadians and vilify certain groups (notwithstanding your lip service to defending all minorities – correction – all minorities, save one);

  • You are attempting to singlehandedly destroy Canada’s identity, and our economy, to treasonously curry favour with your globalist pals; and

  • You have failed to deliver on any of your campaign promises (with the exception of sedating the masses with overpriced, and qualitatively inferior, government cannabis).

Canadians are also very angry and frustrated at your lack of disclosure of the following:

  • The contents of the vaccine contracts, including financial incentives, penalty clauses, indemnification obligations and other material terms that would demonstrate whether the Canadian government has a vested interest in the outcome and uptake of the vaccination program;

  • Your relationship to Acuitas Therapeutics – is it true that you financially profit from each vaccine administered in this country; and

  • Your relationship to Pfizer, Moderna, etc: do you, or any of your cabinet, have any financial interest in promoting any of the vaccines? (As we know, elected officials in other countries have been charged with improperly receiving bribes from Big Pharma – unfortunately given the criminal element associated with multiple members of your cabinet, one can safely assume several Liberal MP’s are likely on the take.)

I note that you just received your “booster”. I hope this time that your nurse actually managed to landmark your deltoid; many medical professionals have reviewed video footage of your first two “vaccines”, and the consensus is that you are probably as unvaccinated as the rest of us misogynists and racists – but I suppose that makes sense now, doesn’t it? I also note that no one I know is planning to get their booster … your “pandemic of the unvaccinated” is about to get really interesting.

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