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Trudeau's Henchmen

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 6, 2022 10:16 PM To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Cc: Subject: Trudeau's Henchmen

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Congratulations, tonight due to your actions I officially became embarrassed to call myself Canadian after watching the Ottawa Police Service stealing fuel from peaceful protestors on social media, and reading that the City of Ottawa has directed police officers to arrest any Canadian who gives these heroes the necessities of life, including food or fuel. Watching innocent people who have been psychologically tortured, abused and deprived of their basic rights by our current government for the past 23 months now being assaulted and violated by the OPS is heartbreaking, chilling and more than a little reminiscent of a scene from an eastern European war movie.

I apologize for thinking that the OPS, and the City of Ottawa, would have a moral compass and would stand by the men and women of this country who are fighting for our freedom, and for the rights of our children and grandchildren. Instead, we are witnessing the Justin Trudeau Show: your “fearless” leader has gone missing because he is too cowardly to talk to his constituents, and the City of Ottawa and OPS are now taking their orders from this MIA traitor to violate the rights of innocent civilians. I wish there was a word that more thoroughly captured my disgust for you all; please accept my heartfelt disappointment that I can’t think of anything worse to call you than Liberals – and not even the smart Liberals, who receive Pfizer and Gates Foundation bribes. Unfortunately, you all appear to have enthusiastically embraced the role of useful idiots who are happy just to follow sadistic orders, Stanley Milgram-style, not understanding that you are lining the elites’ pockets while subjecting yourselves to criminal prosecution when this dystopian nightmare ends. Please understand that I, and others like me, will not accept that excuse when the trials commence.

Since all of you seem to have missed out on a few lessons on the Canadian constitution (and common decency), please let me remind you:

  • Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the freedom of peaceful assembly, and expression. As you are, or should be, aware, peaceful protests are the only way in which our citizenry is currently able to voice our dissent to Mr. Trudeau’s fascist regime (or, to quote Mr. Trudeau – his “basic” dictatorship). Now it appears you are threatening these protestors with mischief citations, and stealing their supplies. This is, as you know, both illegal and completely reprehensible.

  • Mr. Sloly, you took an oath: You swore to be loyal to Canada, and to uphold the Constitution of Canada while acting faithfully and impartially. As you are aware, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms constitutes Part 1 of the Constitution Act, 1982. It appears that your loyalty is to the Liberal Party, instead of the taxpayers who pay your salary, and the Constitution of Canada is just a recommendation that can be disregarded upon orders from your boss?

  • Regardless of the law, common decency is still a value that true Canadians hold. Taking the side of the bully, against the victim, has never been a Canadian value (although it is a value of our trust fund, elitist, nepotistic, student-abusing blackface Prime Minister) and the fact that the OPS and the City of Ottawa are trying to escalate tension and cause these brave (and peaceful) souls to fight back so you can imprison/assault them is both completely transparent and grotesque. I am so embarrassed to share the same citizenship as you; you are not Canadian, nor does it appear that you are human.

Speaking of the Canadian Constitution, and the laws of this country: Mr. Sloly, I understand that Sections 318 and 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code make the promotion of genocide, and the incitement of hatred against an identifiable group, criminal actions. In December, 2021, Mr. Trudeau labelled millions of unvaccinated Canadians as “misogynists”, “racists” and science deniers, before asking the question, “do we tolerate these people?”. I would hope you can see the parallels between Adolf Hitler “othering” the Jews, and Mr. Trudeau wondering out loud if unvaccinated Canadians should even be granted basic rights (perhaps they should be killed? imprisoned? tortured? bankrupted?). Are you investigating this as a violation of Sections 318 and 319? Or is it acceptable for people in this country to threaten the safety of others if they have fancy socks and receive Christmas cards from Klaus Schwab? (Incidentally – Klaus thinks you and I should be eradicated as we are using his valuable resources. And he thanks you for your service!)

In January, 2022, Mr. Trudeau labelled the Freedom Convoy 2022 as an extremist “small fringe minority”. In the next breath, he stated he feared for his life due to the large crowd. Perhaps Mr. Trudeau should pick a side – is there a group of 5 truckers hanging out on Parliament Hill with some Tim Hortons and hockey sticks, or are there enough people who feel strongly about democracy, freedom, and unalienable rights to perhaps – oh, I don’t know – acknowledge the validity of their position? (Ironically, of course, these truckers are also protecting YOUR freedoms, but apparently you are all happy to embrace “my body, Trudeau’s choice” forever more whilst you hand over 60% of your paycheque to his band of criminals.)

Mr. Trudeau is guilty of so much corruption (the Pfizer contracts, SNC-Lavalin, the WE scandal, his incitement of hatred and violence against anyone who dares to question his authoritarian ways, etc.), and so much incompetence (uh …. uh … uh … I don’t think about monetary policy …) that I suppose it is sweet that you are all so loyal to him, notwithstanding that he will throw you under the bus in a heartbeat. If only we all had someone willing to cover up our crimes out of such devotion.

But I digress. My point is that what you are doing to innocent and persecuted people will be documented in the history books and studied by schoolchildren in future decades, who will shake their heads and wonder how anyone could either think that mandating a medical treatment was legal, or that fascism was an acceptable value in Canada. They will also wonder (as do I), how anyone who grew up in this fantastic country could take such treasonous action to destroy all of the values that made Canada so great to begin with.

I really hope that you find it in your hearts to do the right thing. If this situation becomes violent, the blood will be on your hands, and Canada will hold you accountable, along with the treasonous coward in charge of this unnecessary situation.

I’ve cc’d the OPS’s property services department: Tonight on social media, I witnessed several men who I can only assume were impersonating Ottawa police officers stealing fuel from innocent civilians (some with young babies) who may freeze to death or starve as a result of their actions. Please investigate and lay charges – it shouldn’t be hard to identify the goons, as they are all over Facebook and TikTok.

God bless us all (except for the communists and the compromised),

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