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Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 9, 2022 1:20 PM To:; Colin Dacre <> Cc:;;;; Subject: Troll level: expert

I point you to today’s Castanet article, entitled “’Second only to cancers’: Over 6 people died a day to drug overdose last year in B.C.”, and specifically to the statement made by Lisa Lapointe, chief coroner: “’[t]he reality is this: every day we wait to act, six more people will die. COVID-19 has shown what is possible when governments act decisively to save lives. . . . It is time to take action.”

I can only assume Dr. Lapointe is, as the young people say, “trolling” the public with that statement. As we know from comparing Canada to Sweden, Japan, Uttar Pradesh, Florida and other countries and states that elected to keep their constitutions intact in 2019, no lives have been saved by the government in the past two years, whether due to lockdown measures or otherwise. The BC Government has prevented dissemination of early treatment options for COVID-19, silenced doctors who have criticized their COVID-19 health orders and protocols, and bullied people into receiving a “vaccine” that doesn’t meet the 2019 definition of that word. As we are all aware, the reason drug overdoses have so dramatically increased is because of Dr. Henry’s draconian and irrational COVID-19 health orders, which have acted to isolate, shame, marginalize and depress the vulnerable in society who have turned to drugs as an escape. These deaths are squarely on Dr. Henry’s shoulders, and the fact that neither the Coroner’s Office, nor Castanet, can draw that conclusion in this article is both disheartening and disingenuous.

RIP journalism. You are sorely missed.

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