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The PHO Rant - In Honour of "Dave"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 2:37:44 PM To:;; Cc:; Subject: In Honour of "Dave" - Attn: Dr. Henry and Dr. Hinshaw

Drs Hinshaw and Henry,

Last week, my father-in-law Dave* died “of COVID-19” under the care of Alberta Health Services (“AHS”). I’m sure Dr. Hinshaw rubbed her hands in glee when she saw that he had died, as Dave was in her favourite demographic to trot out to the masses for her near-daily lecture on morality: an unvaccinated “anti-vaxxer” and “COVID-denier”. No doubt the Government of Alberta will point to his death to bolster its argument that everyone should be vaccinated. As you are both aware, such an argument is disingenuous, as COVID-19 did not, in fact, kill our loving father, grandfather and husband: rather, the Governments of Alberta and British Columbia, as well as AHS’ myopic and cruel restrictions, were the culprit.

Dave was a prime candidate to become severely sick from COVID-19: he was over 70, had adult-onset diabetes, had previously suffered mini-strokes, had one collapsed lung and was overweight. So why, you might ask, did he not immediately seek medical help when he started experiencing flu-like symptoms several weeks ago? In order to answer that, let me explain what your policies did to Dave and his wife of 51 years, Diane, over the past two years.

Dave and Diane raised four children in Alberta. When their children grew up, they became snowbirds. Every year for the past twenty-five years, up to and including 2019, they traveled to Arizona in their fifth wheel in late fall to spend their winter in a more temperate climate, surrounded by friends and engaged in activities within the snowbird community. However, in fall 2020 they decided not to travel south for fear that the pandemic would leave them stranded in the United States. They instead elected to remain in Canada for the winter, and rented a spot in a trailer park in Creston, BC. This is where Dr. Henry co-conspired with Dr. Hinshaw to torture Dave and Diane. As you will recall, the Governments of British Columbia and Alberta both made veiled threats over the course of the summer and into the winter months that individuals within these provinces should stay at home under the penalty of fines, and under no circumstance should they cross provincial borders. So, Dave and Diane spent their winter alone, bored, depressed and fearful in their fifth wheel, without being able to enjoy any holiday celebrations or get-togethers with friends or family.

By the time spring came, they were both deeply depressed and, to their family, appeared to have aged significantly. Also when spring came, Alberta’s and British Columbia’s vaccination programs were heavily under way. Dave and Diane, being able to read statistics, understood that there were two major issues with their decision to receive the COVID-19 vaccine: (1) this vaccine does not prevent transmission of the virus; and (2) immunocompromised and other vulnerable people were not included in any of the vaccine manufacturers’ trial studies, so there were no data to support them being vaccinated.

Because of the above issues, as well as the fact that many people were reporting vaccine adverse effects such as blood clots, heart issues and other vaccine adverse effects, Dave and Diane decided to wait it out and take their time prior to being vaccinated. Dave was especially concerned to accept the vaccine since he had previously suffered strokes, which of course exposed him to greater risk of a clot. However, you two weren’t done with your malicious and targeted attack on Dave and Diane, and were not content to allow them to make decisions based on their abilities to weigh the risks and benefits of this medical treatment. And so you systematically deprived Dave of the few joys he had left: Dave loved visiting his grandchildren in Alberta and British Columbia; you prohibited him from visiting them.

Dave loved going to the Legion to socialize; you closed the Legions. Dave loved to visit with friends and family both in the western provinces and Ontario, where he was raised; you put such fear into his friends and family with mistruths about healthy people being lethal killers that you deprived him of all abilities to fraternize with his loved ones. And that, of course, was before you swung the final hammer: the complete exclusion of unvaccinated people from society, whether it be the opportunity to eat in a restaurant, attend a concert or watch one of their grandchildren’s ballet recitals or dirt-biking competitions. By the end of this summer, Dave and Diane were broken, fearful and joyless.

What did Dave and Diane do? Without the ability to travel south to the US once again this fall, they were slated to endure another cold, hard winter in Canada living isolated in their fifth wheel. Dave and Diane found a site in Aldersyde, Alberta to park their vehicle and started to hunker down for the winter. It was then that they both became sick with a cold. Dave, due to his pre-existing conditions, was immediately in rough shape, and should have seen a doctor. However, he was too scared to go to any medical facility because he thought that AHS would force him to get vaccinated in order to be “allowed” to access the healthcare system into which he paid for over fifty years, and he was deathly scared that he actually would encounter COVID-19 in one of these facilities and become sick. Instead, Dave remained in his trailer, becoming sicker and weaker to the point that he was not able to eat, was incontinent and drifted in and out of consciousness. It was at this point that his vaccinated children were made aware of the situation, and were forced to call an ambulance. Diane and Dave begged and cried their kids not to call the ambulance – it was their worst fear that, if Dave was admitted to a hospital, they would never be allowed to see each other again. Nonetheless, the decision was made to call first responders.

Dave was admitted to hospital last week. The first hospital diagnosed Dave with pneumonia, with a possible underlying bacterial infection. No diagnosis of COVID-19 was made. After a few days, Dave had worsened and he was transferred to a larger facility. At this hospital, the doctors diagnosed him with COVID-19; we will never know if this was, indeed, a correct diagnosis both due to the conflict with the previous diagnosis, and the faulty and unreliable PCR test. Upon this diagnosis, did healthcare workers offer Dave Ivermectin, knowing that many studies support its use in the treatment of this virus (and in light of the approvals last week in the UK of a similar anti-viral protease inhibitor), especially as a hail Mary attempt at recovery? No. Did they offer Dave intravenous vitamin C or other vitamins and supplements that have been shown to reduce COVID-19 symptoms? No. Did they offer Dave monoclonal antibodies? Again, no. Instead they waited for Dave’s symptoms to get worse, and sure enough, they did. Dave’s other lung collapsed, rendering him terminal. Where was Diane during this time? She was in shock and unable to see Dave because only one designated representative of the family was allowed entry into the hospital; Dave’s daughter Sarah. When the doctors realized that Dave was going to die, they allowed Dave’s vaccinated son to access Dave as well. Both of Dave’s children were allowed in on the condition that they were personal protective equipment, notwithstanding the fact that no doctors, nurses, or patients were similarly clothed.

However, Diane, being unvaccinated, was prohibited from entering into the hospital, and deprived of the right to say her final goodbyes in person to the love of her life, and her constant companion for 53 years. I would love to understand the rationale behind this; were doctors worried that Diane would make Dave “sicker” by transmitting a virus to him that vaccinated people also transmit? Were doctors trying to protect Diane from catching COVID-19, notwithstanding the fact that she spent the prior weeks exposed to all of the same germs as Dave? Of course not. The doctors were punishing Diane for not bending to their will and refusing to accept a vaccine that she did not want to receive. The guilt, grief and anger that she is currently enduring is something that no spouse should ever have to experience; you deprived Diane of the final, loving act that every person wants to be able to give their partner as they exit this world – the ability to help them transition comfortably and peacefully. You also deprived Dave of the peace of mind with which he should have died: instead of being able to relax and say his goodbyes, he was worried about leaving this world while Diane was afraid, alone and in shock.

Dr. Henry, your latest statistics show that 46% of recent COVID-19 deaths were in vaccinated people, mostly over the age of 70 and living in long term care facilities. Given the numbers that are coming out of Israel, the UK and now British Columbia, it is highly likely that Dave would have become sick regardless of his vaccination status, and indeed the doctor at one of the treating hospitals told Sarah that he believes vaccine status is irrelevant to the current “wave” (he also told Sarah that there is no COVID ward in the hospital any more, since “everyone is labelled COVID”). Nonetheless, you and Dr. Hinshaw continue to perpetuate the myth that we are currently in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated’. Pray tell, when 80% of a population has been exposed to a virus over the course of 20+ months, and another 90% of the population has been “vaccinated”, how do you possibly come to this conclusion? My question, of course, is rhetorical. You keep spewing vitriol and hatred towards unvaccinated members of society because you have been told to do so; your only goal is to divide and conquer, destroy families and social networks, in order to weaken this population and promote your master’s agenda. The narcissism and egotism that goes hand in hand with thinking that you, as the taxpayers’ servants, have the right to make life decisions for people (especially those in their final years of life, who have much more experience and wisdom than either of you), and the right to decide when and how grown adults see fit to socialize and mingle, and who can say goodbye to their dying loved ones, is truly stunning. No one in society granted you this power, and you do not have anyone’s consent to prevent us from exercising our unalienable rights to freedom and autonomy. The odds are very good that Dave would have died this year or next regardless, given his severe health issues. However, you managed to ruin the last two years of his life on this planet, rendering him depressed and vulnerable to disease from the constant fearmongering you pedal daily, and this is your burden to carry in this life and likely the next.

I have no words for my feelings toward either of you. I keep wondering how I can live in a society were such evil prospers and multiplies, and your level of depravity in the manipulation of statistics, scapegoating of certain demographics and willful obfuscation and ignorance of the “science” seems to grow every day. I can’t believe that anyone would be so sociopathic as to make deliberate health recommendations meant to harm so many individuals in the name of power and money, so that leaves me to believe that, perhaps, just perhaps, Xi Jinping is holding your loved ones in a basement under threat of torture. If I am correct, please blink twice.

Please be assured that there is nothing more important in my life than to make sure that you are both held accountable as the story unravels. I look forward to every prosecution for coercion, deceit and fraud that is likely to stem from your actions over the past few years, and I hope the courts show as much mercy on you, as you have shown on our seniors.

*All names have been changed for privacy reasons.

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