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The Non-Profit Rant

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: November 16, 2021 10:22 AM To: Subject: COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Dear Sir or Madam, I read with great disappointment that the Salvation Army of Canada has mandated that its employees receive the COVID-19 vaccine in order to remain employed, while concurrently denying its employees religious exemptions to this policy. Notwithstanding our differing views on certain aspects of Christianity, I have always had great respect for the Salvation Army as one of the charities that actually seems to use most of its donations to help those in need, and I always go out of my way to donate to the pot when I encounter one of your bell ringers during the holiday season. Unfortunately, this Christmas I will not be donating to your organization, and I will encourage my friends to consider boycotting the Salvation Army and instead contribute to a nonprofit organization that does not discriminate against its workers. As your executive team is more than aware:

  • The COVID-19 virus is less deadly than the flu in most demographics of the population; yet, your organization has never mandated the flu shot as part of its employment contract.

  • The COVID-19 virus is transmitted equally by vaccinated and unvaccinated people. These experimental vaccines have only been authorized as a therapeutic treatment to reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms, and not to prevent viral transmission.

  • The vaccines start to fail almost immediately after administration (and are completely useless/potentially harmful after 4-6 months), so any purported efficacy that they can claim is shortlived, at best. Or are you planning to mandate a lifetime vaccine subscription for each of your employees without having any understanding of their pre-existing medical conditions or respect for their bodily autonomy?

  • Regardless of their efficacy, the COVID-19 vaccines are associated with unprecedented levels of vaccine adverse effects globally, including but not limited to tens of thousands of deaths, myocarditis, neurological issues, Bell’s Palsy and other severe medical issues.

  • This is the first – and only – virus that apparently is exempt from the laws of herd immunity, and also has the capacity to be eradicated through constitutional violations.

  • The most “vaccine hesitant” demographics are often the visible minorities who require the Salvation Army’s services. These people have a healthy skepticism of all governmental mandates due to the frequency with which governmental programs have been used to perpetrate an agenda of oppression against them.

  • The vaccine manufacturers have entered into confidential (and most likely illegal) indemnification agreements with each country in which their products are being used – as a reminder to your legal team, gross negligence and willful misconduct on the behalf of any executive removes the corporate protections that insulates management’s decision-making powers. The vaccine manufacturers, of course, include a corporation that has been sued (and convicted) on multiple occasions for committing fraud in its testing and marketing of products (Pfizer), a corporation that illegally marketed an anti-psychotic drug for uses not approved by the FDA (AstraZeneca), a corporation that can’t even manufacture baby powder without “accidentally” making it carcinogenic (and then through a legal sleight of hand “magicking” away its liabilities through a bankruptcy claim) (Johnson & Johnson – a family company) and a corporation that has never actually brought a product to market before (Moderna). What odd false idols to worship.

  • The COVID-19 vaccines have all either utilized animal or aborted fetal cells in their development or testing. Conveniently, the Pope has decided that this use of aborted fetuses is morally acceptable, while he castigates desperate women around the globe who seek abortion as a last resort to save themselves and their families from abject poverty.

I’m trying to fathom in what universe a religious organization would deny its employees a religious exemption to an experimental treatment to prevent a disease that statistically will not harm them, and I’m afraid the only scenario that makes any sense is that we are actually living in purgatory – or perhaps hell. As you know, the Salvation Army was founded by William Booth, who walked the streets of London to preach to the poor, the homeless, the hungry, and the destitute. I wonder what Mr. Booth would think about your organization deliberately and cruelly depriving employees of their livelihoods and ability to feed their families because they have taken a stand against abortion, and in favour of God’s ultimate power to heal? The Booths, of course, were simply emulating Jesus, who spent his time proselytizing to the most vulnerable and rejected in society, including lepers who, incidentally, have both a higher fatality rate and a higher disease transmission rate than COVID-19. I don’t remember the section in the Bible where Jesus refused to mingle with the unclean because they were morally opposed to abortion and refused to bow to medical coercion – perhaps that was lost in translation from the original Aramaic version. I hope the Salvation Army reconsiders its stance on vaccine mandates, if only because it should realize that the ensuing lawsuits will be a public relations nightmare, and a deterrent to potential donors.

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