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The definition of "laughable" - COVID-19 edition

Sent: October 12, 2022 2:53 PM To:;;; Cc:; Letnick.MLA, Norm LASS:EX <> Subject: The definition of "laughable" - COVID-19 edition

Mr. Horgan,

I see that you have gone on record stating that Alberta’s new premier’s assertion that the unvaccinated have been the most discriminated group in her lifetime is “laughable”. I don’t think you understand the definition of this word (and I know that definitions have been increasingly difficult for politicians to understand over the past few years, especially when there are so many financial reasons/conflicts of interest/Pfizer bribes to disregard them). For your edification, “laughable” is defined as “amusingly ridiculous” per Merriam-Webster. Pray tell, which part of the following acts of discrimination do you find to be “amusing” (albeit I’ll have to agree with you on their ridiculousness)?

  • Blaming the unvaccinated for spreading COVID-19, notwithstanding that Pfizer’s upper management just admitted this week that the company didn’t actually make transmission one of the criteria for their jab due to the “speed of science”; if anything, one would think that the complete abdication of scientific ethics or curiosity (never mind the scientific method) would be “farcical”?

  • Banning the unvaccinated from federal and provincial workplaces (and in effect, coercing many of them to take an experimental treatment that was not even tested for its main purpose, per point 1); is this funny? Bankrupting businesses and tearing apart families for a disease with a lower fatality rate than the flu is “chucklesome”, “comedic”, “droll” and “riotous” (per Merriam-Webster’s synonyms)?

  • Prohibiting the unvaccinated from fleeing the country that has denied them their guaranteed Charter rights; is this what we would call “hysterical”, or “sidesplitting”?

  • How about denying organ transplant patients the chance to receive a life-saving operation, and letting the elderly and infirm die alone without their loved ones? Funny stuff, amirite???

  • And let’s not forget denying young campers the right to attend summer camps! Again with the “uproarious” actions of both the government and private practise over the past few years!

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Just a reminder that you, and your public health officer/tyrant-in-chief, Dr. Henry, have yet to provide any scientific justification for any of your distinctly illegal (and entirely unfunny) actions over the past few years. And a reminder that Dr. Henry just can’t quite let go of her power over healthcare workers yet, even though your province has admitted that the current “vaccines” lose all efficacy a few months post-jab. Humourous stuff! You really should go into stand-up comedy after your term as premier (thankfully) comes to an end.

I and 800,000 other unvaccinated British Columbians don’t find anything funny about this situation; I suspect the 3,000,000 who haven’t been boosted despite Dr. Henry’s blatant misstatements regarding “safe and effective” vaccines don’t think much of your statement either.

Dr. Henry; I hope Mr. Horgan’s successor takes similar steps to Ms. Smith in replacing you with a team of medical professionals who have the humility to understand that they may not play God, fast and loose, with people’s livelihoods and families. And if you haven’t yet received Pfizer’s latest masterpiece, I encourage you to “follow the science”, and go get the bivalent vaccine that was tested on 8 mice, all of which subsequently contracted COVID-19. I believe that is what we call “laughable”!!

Ms. Smith; congratulations on your well-deserved win. I hope and pray that your common sense, empathy and championship of unalienable rights in the face of gross government overreach will travel westward.

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