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Telus invasion of privacy

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 28, 2022 2:46 PM To:;; Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Telus invasion of privacy

Mr. Cihra,

I write to you to express my disgust that Telus conspired with the Public Health Agency of Canada (“PHAC”) pursuant to Contract 4500418826 dated February 10, 2021 between Telus and the Public Health Agency of Canada (the “Contract”). As you know, Telus provided the “de-identified” data of 33,000,000 cell phone users to PHAC. However, many scholars, journalists and privacy experts have noted that (a) this information may easily be “re-identified”, such that PHAC may use the information for nefarious purposes, and (b) it is disturbing that Telus can legally provide this type of data to PHAC without any notice to its (paying) users, or any assurance that the information will, indeed, be kept private. I have reviewed the Contract, and would like to express my deep concern that, not only is Telus willing to sell out its users to the current treasonous and overreaching Government of Canada for its furtherance of digital slavery and God-knows-what-else in its dystopian WEF/globalist agenda, but that it sold us so cheaply, with a total contract value of $176,903.76. This translates to just $0.005 per betrayed Canadian. As you are aware, the Government of Canada recently closed a further Operator-based Location Data Request for Proposal, and I am assuming Telus has happily tendered a proposal to keep on selling out its users, one 5/1000 of a dollar at a time.

This is a grotesque violation of each of your customers’ privacy rights, as well as being extremely unethical, and I invite all Telus executives to analyze whether they really want to live in a world in which the government tracks each citizen individually to gain intelligence that it will then use to manipulate their decisions and coerce their compliance.

I will, of course, be cancelling all of my Telus accounts, and encouraging my friends, family and co-workers to do the same.

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