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Special Guest Rant

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

To: Len Webber, MP – Communications

Sent: Monday, March 07, 2022 11:02 AM

Subject: RE: Your Community Newsletter - MP Len Webber - March 2022

Dear Mr. Webber

Thank you for your recent letter to Constituents which deals with the Protests by Truckers in Ottawa. I listened to your speech to Parliament and read also the comments made by your colleague Michelle Rempel-Garner concerning the World Economic Forum.

With regard to your speech I was pleased that you actually opposed the invocation of the Emergency Act. My concern, however, is that so little time was spent on actually addressing the issues that were behind the protest. One or two Conservative MPs were seen talking to the protestors but I did not see you in the streets (perhaps you were there). The majority of the truckers suffered considerable economic losses in traveling from far across the country, spending several weeks in Ottawa in extreme cold and discomfort, and representing so many others of us who share their horror of and frustration with the mandates. Huge numbers of ordinary citizens braved the cold to cheer them on along the route. These people are not criminals, they are our countrymen. They are the ones standing up for our rights.

These protestors deserved to be heard. Instead they were told by the Mayor of Ottawa "OK, you have made your point, now go home". That was largely the response from all the authorities. Can you imagine a more demeaning attitude? The PM and the Liberal Party vilified them from the start. The NDP and their pathetic leader followed suit without a constructive idea to offer. The Conservative Party were simply opposing the government rather than fighting for our rights. The media tried to make a crisis out of every action. One person with a Confederate Flag, not even part of the Freedom Convoy, got more publicity than any of the actual protestors.

And what was the protest about? Was it not the fact that the government for two years has trashed our right to our own medical responsibility followed by an audacious demand that cross border truckers be vaccinated with dangerous chemicals? The Nuremberg Code, our own Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms give us the right to our own bodies but governments across the country have passed unconstitutional regulations denying us those very rights.

I have written to you before and I sense that you dare not respond to, let alone agree with, these points but someone has to say what must be said.

  1. The pandemic is in name only. In fact it has been proven to be no more dangerous than the ordinary influenza.

  2. The (Gold Standard) PCR test was never designed to diagnose anything but it has been used to create enormous numbers of false positives hence "Cases" that have been used to terrify a gullible population. I submitted a Freedom of Information request to our Alberta Government to disclose what number of cycles were used for the PCR tests because with enough cycles anyone can present a "positive" result. They responded with "We follow the manufacturers recommendations". Freedom of information is at the government's whim as apparently are most laws. They would not disclose the actual numbers because they know that would destroy their argument.

  3. Experienced doctors around the world were quick to come up with early treatments for the Covid-19 infections which would prevent the disease from developing to the dangerous stages. These treatments were denied to hospitals and doctors were forbidden at risk of being struck off the medical registers to prescribe them. Even pharmacies were and still are denying doctors life-saving and proven medications. Many leading experts claim that most people who died from Covid-19 did not need to and would not have, had they been properly treated.

  4. Medical records have been falsified to exaggerate the danger.

  5. Lockdowns were imposed although these would inevitably cause more harm and hardship than the disease.

  6. Mandates were introduced to force healthy citizens, even children, to wear masks when there exists no studies that can be shown to support this dangerous, demeaning and unhealthy practice.

  7. Dangerous therapies were forced on the people in the name of vaccines where these therapies were untested experiments. The "vaccines" have been given only emergency use authorization for use when there is no other treatment available. Current evidence from countries where data is actually recorded shows that far more people have died from the effect of these injections than have died from getting Covid-19 even after having been denied the proper treatments.

  8. Because these experimental therapies were recognized to be dangerous and unsafe, the vaccine producers were given immunity from claims should any receiving these treatments be harmed in any way. Thus the innocent recipient bore all the risks for what were unproven rewards.

  9. The requirement that each recipient of a medical treatment be properly appraised of the risks and afforded the opportunity of informed consent was waved in practice as millions of victims were lined up for their jab under the misapprehension that by doing that they were saving themselves and their fellow citizens from a terrible illness from which there was no other escape.

Before I explain to you why I believe this, I would like to briefly address your colleague, Michelle Rempel-Garner's, discussion concerning her attendance at the World Economic Forum. You placed that under the general title "Also Not True". It may not be true but one would hardly use as proof the fact that a Young Global Leader said so! There is a distressing habit politicians use that subjects any theory to which they disagree as a conspiracy theory. No proof of wrong is therefore ever required. You cannot vote on right and wrong. If 50 are for and 1 against, it doesn't prove that the one against is necessarily wrong. As Churchill is claimed to have said "Democracy is not a good system just better than all the others" (or words to that effect).

I was very impressed that Michelle trudged 30 km through the snow each morning while others drove past in their limousines - and probably back that night? If she meant something different she might have said so! She claimed that Schwab was a non entity but yet the rich and famous flocked to be with him - something inconsistent here. I don't believe that Bill Gates wastes his time or money with inconsequential entities. Trudeau didn't need Schwab to tell him about Globalism because he was onto that already. Well that sure does help me to sleep easier. Michelle's whole piece was a lot of self serving drivel. She proved none of what she suggested. However she claims to be a critical thinker which makes me wonder what that might be. I think we all claim that for ourselves but its only valid when many others suggest the same. I take Schwab at face value and that is troubling enough. When the subject was raised by a MP in parliament the other day the Speaker neatly closed it down. That was very scary indeed.

I think that we have just too many members of our ruling class functioning not only as loyal subjects to our Queen but simultaneously holding important roles in organizations that are working strongly against democratic institutions. Our Deputy Prime Minister and our Federal Chief Medical Officer are two that come immediately to mind.

I would briefly try to explain why I hold such strong views against the path our rulers are taking.

The government view on the "pandemic" along with all the restrictions imposed upon us is not based on any clear scientific truths. No effort has been made to give any scientific evidence to the population to support any of these regulations.

On the other hand there is a mountain of evidence that in most respects our government as well as most other governments have been very wrong and deliberately so. How is it possible that so many government have worked simultaneously to enforce similar restrictions?

To answer these questions I have read some contrarian ideas.

  1. Reiner Fuellmich is a lawyer based in Germany who with a small committee (The Corona Committee) has spent more than a year interviewing a variety of experts on subjects pertinent to the pandemic. He is trying to establish court cases to subject a criminal class who have conducted what he describes as Crimes Against Humanity to an International Court. People like Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam are persons who he names in his list of criminals. In order to understand what the committee has uncovered you will have to spend some time listening to many videos that they have produced explaining what they have found. One thing he, RF, has said is that they believe that only about 20% of people have what they call Moral Competence. People with Moral Competence are interested in asking questions, looking into the other sides of arguments and are highly skeptical of leaders who are sure of anything.

  2. American Front Line Doctors (AFLD) is a group of medics in the US who have either been fired from their hospitals because they won't toe the line or doctors and nurses who have resigned their positions because of the things that are happening in the medical community. They are offering alternative treatments to the "vaccines" and giving talks at rallies to enlighten those who wish to hear.

  3. Action4Canada is a group of people who have banded together to fight the evil that is filling our land. They have hired lawyers to help them in this and they offer advice to people who are being harmed by unconstitutional decrees.

  4. Several prominent doctors with expertise in virus and vaccine technologies are giving talks to those interested in the harm that vaccines and other regulations have brought upon us. Drs. Hodkinson and Bridle are two amongst several doctors who are trying to fight the establishment in Canada but there are a long list of others who you can easily find if you are at all interested in looking. Doctors who oppose the dogma are punished or dismissed and their livelihoods taken from them.

There are several news and video channels which provide interesting takes on our situation including "The Highwire" with Del Bigtree every Thursday full of well researched facts on Covid-19 and its treatment and mistreatment. All articles are supported with evidence available to every listener for free. Locally, has a interview and comment most days and addresses much of our interests. In England, Dr. Vernon Coleman makes videos and writes articles prolifically. He carries a huge list of VAERS data and also other comments and descriptions of vaccine injuries. You need a strong stomach for some of that. He offers to debate the subject with anyone on BBC TV live but so far after nearly two years no takers.

Robert Kennedy Jnr. has written a best selling (New York Times) book called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. His book contains a long list of Scientists and Doctors including Nobel Prize winners who are trying to fight against the system. This is a must read for anyone who cares for the truth. Kennedy also runs Children's Health Defense an organization which addresses many relevant problems.

Rebel News is doing an excellent job uncovering the other side of the Covid story and also in helping the persecuted through legal help. They are currently trying to help Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid, who are being treated despicably by a vindictive Alberta Government. The Christian Church has become fair game. Canada no longer fears God.

For anyone who wants to be informed, there is an inexhaustible number of contacts including the most famous and well respected medical specialists in the World. A comprehensive schedule would take pages to list. BUT the more knowledgeable they are, the more truth they tell, the more likely they are to be taken down from the internet and vilified for misinformation. We live in dark times with governments no longer serving the people who pay their salaries. The fact that Members of Parliament raised their own salaries while taking away jobs from their constituents says it all.

I have little expectation that you will look into any of these contacts but at least I have spoken my mind and introduced you to the possibility. You did say that you read all your correspondence so for that I am thankful.


From: Len Webber, MP – Communications

Sent: Tuesday, March 01, 2022 11:09 PM

Subject: Your Community Newsletter - MP Len Webber - March 2022

MARCH 2022

Your Community Newsletter

Wow! So much has happened since my February 1st newsletter and it continues to evolve by the day. As any Canadian would know, there was a large protest situation in Ottawa. This generated the greatest amount of correspondence I have ever received on any issue ever – thousands of emails from just Calgary Confederation and thousands more from across Canada. In response to the Ottawa situation, the Liberal government enacted the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history. The use of the Emergencies Act was subject to a vote in the House of Commons. I invite you to view and read my House of Commons speech where I laid out my position and my reasons for voting the way I did. You will note that I read from some of the letters I received on this issue. As the elected representative for Calgary Confederation in the House of Commons, I felt this was the most direct way to ensure that our community’s voice was heard. I want to thank those who took the time to share their thoughts on these historic events. Len Webber, MP Calgary Confederation Alberta Caucus Chair


MONTHLY POLL QUESTION The results from this poll will be published in the next issue of the newsletter. Do you think the national declaration of the Emergencies Act was necessary to end the protests in Ottawa? VOTE NOW Last month, I asked, “Is it time to end pandemic lockdowns and ‘learn to live with COVID’?” Online 74.0% said YES, 22.8% said NO and 3.2% were Unsure. Thank you to all who took the time to participate. Interestingly, recent media polling said that two-thirds of Canadians also say it is time to ‘learn to live with COVID’ and to reduce the number of restrictions. When it comes to dropping all restrictions, Quebec (71%) and Alberta (65%) lead all provinces.

FROM THE MAILBOX Here is a list of issues I received correspondence on from the community during the past month. Here goes … Ottawa protests, abuse of power, carbon taxes, inflation, CPP indexing, Emergencies Act, vaccine requirements, climate change, vaccine safety, travel rules, healthcare, party leadership, wage supports, arts funding, immigration backlog, Canada/China relations, new housing tax, universal basic income, animal abuse, genetically modified crops, pipelines, Prime Minister’s comments on unvaccinated Canadians, healthcare system capacity, Dunning-Kruger Effect, abortion, mental health, organ donation, tax filing, pregnancy crisis centres, supply chain issues, fisheries policies, wealth tax, housing costs, seniors care, orca protection, fur farming, police funding, Middle-East peace, medical assistance in dying, and Ukraine. Due to the volume of mail and the variety of issues, we appreciate your patience in awaiting a response.

UKRAINE SITUATION As someone with family in Ukraine, I am very concerned about the evolving situation there. Please read my full statement on my website. I support all efforts to resolve this situation as quickly and as safely as possible for the Ukrainian people.

WHAT’S THE PLAN? Conservatives put forward the following motion so that Canadians can start to prepare for life after the pandemic. Unfortunately, the Liberals and NDP teamed up to defeat the motion and keep Canadians in the dark…. or is because they have no plan? I thought the motion was reasonable, necessary and non-partisan and was happy to vote in support of it. Don’t we deserve to see a plan? That, given that provinces are lifting COVID-19 restrictions and that Dr. Theresa Tam has said that all existing public health measures need to be "re-evaluated" so that we can "get back to some normalcy", the House call on the government to table a plan for the lifting of all federal mandates and restrictions, and to table that plan by February 28, 2022.

SENIORS GUIDE Very soon you will receive my Seniors Guide in your mail. This guide outlines the many services and benefits available to Seniors. It also includes information for those caring for Seniors, those saving for retirement and those interested in family history. I encourage you to read the booklet and return the enclosed survey. If you want a sneak peak, please visit my website.

LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN When 12-year-old Annabelle and I discussed this issue, she encouraged me to rise in the House of Commons and say it ‘loud and proud’ – I did. We see oil tankers, full, coming in on the East Coast, from dictatorships, human-rights abusers and those who have no respect for the environment. Yet, our ethically produced, environmentally responsible, job creating Alberta oil is blocked from getting to market. This is why it is so unacceptable that Canada imports energy from 114 other countries. It’s time for this Liberal government to end energy imports and support Canadians.

NO, IT IS NOT TRUE! People have been circulating pictures of United Nations aircraft in North Bay and claiming that this is ‘proof’ that UN troops were being sent to Canada to deal with the Ottawa protests. In fact, the aircraft belong to a local company Voyageur Airways that does contract work for the UN. They fly around the world and are maintained and repaired in North Bay. I would strongly suggest that websites that suggest otherwise are a source of disinformation and people should find more reliable sources for their information.

ALSO NOT TRUE! Misinformation on the internet is rampant and conspiracy theories are accepted as fact. One of the more popular ones circulating right now concerns the World Economic Forum/Klaus Schwab and many of the letters to me mention my colleague MP Michelle Rempel-Garner and her attendance at the meetings. Before becoming another victim of misinformation, I encourage you to read her comprehensive response. Please, please verify information before you share it.

CRYPTO CURRENCIES The Conservatives are calling on the federal government to create a national framework for growing the cryptocurrency industry. MP Michelle Rempel-Garner’s Bill directs the Finance Minister to create a framework within three years to grow the cryptocurrency sector in Canada and reduce the administrative burden for those working in it. The Bill is necessary because the crypto industry has shown dramatic growth in recent years and many policy makers lack an understanding of this emerging financial tool.

CENSUS RESULTS The results of the 2021 census will be released over the coming months. First up are the population results. Alberta’s population is now officially 4.26 million which is up 4.8% over five years ago. Alberta is home to 11.5% of all Canadians. That works out to 6.7 people per square kilometre. There are now 1.77 million homes in Alberta with 84.8% being in urban areas. Calgary grew 5.5% over the past five years. Cochrane and Airdrie make the top-25 list of fastest-growing communities in Canada. On the other hand, the Alberta areas of Athabasca County, Lac la Biche, Brazeau County, Barrhead County, Greenview, Vermilion River County, Yellowhead County, Stettler and Didsbury make the list for the 25 fastest population declines.

UNCOUNTED BALLOTS Overall some 205,000 mail-in ballots went uncounted according to Elections Canada’s Report On The 44th General Election. It included 90,000 “returned late and not counted” and another 114,583 that were never returned. The record number of uncounted mail-in ballots in the last election was “unfortunate,” Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perreault said. The number of 205,000 uncounted mail-in ballot kits was greater than the 190,790-vote margin of victory on election day. “The number that weren’t returned on time, there was a significant number,” Conservative MP Eric Duncan told the House Affairs Committee. The matter remains under investigation at the House Affairs Committee.

RELIEF FOR SOME SENIORS ON GIS A one-time Grant for Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) Recipients who received pandemic benefits will compensate eligible GIS and Allowances recipients who saw a reduction or a loss of their benefits between June 2021 and July 2021 as a result of receiving pandemic benefits in 2020. Eligible seniors will receive a payment equal to the annualized reduction of their GIS/Allowance payment. These payments will be issued on April 19, 2022 and there is no need to apply. Service Canada will automatically identify the eligible recipients and make the payment via direct deposit or by cheque if you have not signed up for direct deposit.

INFLATION UPDATE Inflation continues to increase at an alarming rate – not that I needed to tell you that, because we all see the price increases everyday. The inflation rate is now up to 5.1% which is the highest in 30 years. (and food is up 6.5%) My Conservative colleagues and I will continue to push the Liberal government to get their fiscal house in order. The cost of living is increasing dramatically and more and more Canadians are finding it harder to make ends meet as their wages fail to keep up with inflation.

HOUSING INFLATION Home prices continue to rise every month and since Justin Trudeau came to office, home prices in Canada have nearly doubled. That means the same home that was $300,000 in 2015 is priced at $600,000 today. A $500,000 home is now reaching $1 million dollars. Canadians are now looking at an average price of $777,701 up from $728,561 in just last month. The average home price went up 21% in the past year. This Liberal government has had six years to fix this issue and they have failed to develop a plan that works. Instead, they continue to support a system that they know favours foreign buyers and unaffordability for Canadians.

RIDING BOUNDARIES CHANGING? Every ten years, following the decennial census, Elections Canada establishes independent commissions in all provinces to review the federal riding boundaries to ensure they reflect population changes. Alberta is expected to get three additional seats. The process is in its early stages, but you can learn more about the process on their website.

TAXES ARE DUE SOON If you have questions about your tax file or need to find information on your tax obligations, please visit my website for contact information for the Canada Revenue Agency.

NEW TRAVEL RULES The rules regarding travel abroad have changed. Some restrictions have been removed and others have been reduced. Anyone choosing to travel at this time must realize the pandemic is not over and must accept all risks associated with travelling at this time. This may include rule changes without notice, travel interruptions and unexpected costs. The Government of Canada is very limited in its ability to help you outside of Canada. To find out the latest requirements to re-enter Canada, please visit or use the online assistant at

WHAT BENEFITS ARE YOU ENTITLED TO? The Benefits Finder tool allows you to determine what benefits you may be entitled to by answering a few easy questions. Just complete the quick multiple-choice questions and your possible benefits are short-listed. Many federal-provincial programs are also incorporated into the search results. MORE>

SEEKING NEW EMPLOYMENT? If you are seeking new employment, visit for opportunities. MOBILE APP IS NOW AVAILABLE

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