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Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada's Vaccine Mandate

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: January 11, 2022 4:11 PM To: Cc:;;; Subject: Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada's Vaccine Mandate

Dear Sir or Madam,

I just watched the most disturbing video on Facebook, and wanted to bring it to your attention. It was posted by Austin Furgason, who documented himself discussing an eviction notice directed at his family with a manager at Ronald McDonald House. I understand the Furgason family is from Kelowna. Mr. Furgason’s son is 4 years old, and is currently being treated for leukemia while he stays at Ronald McDonald House. It appears that, pursuant to the notice, the Furgason family will be evicted from Ronald McDonald House on January 17, 2022 unless both parents agree to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Assuming this video is legitimate, and I don’t have any reason to suspect that it is not, please accept this as my firm promise to you that I will never, ever purchase any product from McDonald’s ever again, and I will be very vocal in encouraging all of my friends and family to boycott McDonald’s, and Ronald McDonald house, forever more. The fact that you are threatening to take away a desperate family’s accommodation in light of the fact that, currently, the vaccinated comprise the majority of the COVID-19 cases both in and out of hospitals, as well as the fact that the COVID-19 vaccines have not been approved to prevent transmission, is the most evil thing I have ever heard. And, the fact that the Furgasons likely relied on Ronald McDonald House’s promise to support it in their time of need, and may have sacrificed other opportunities for assistance, may also expose your organization to a breach of contract claim, which I sincerely hope it does. As a cancer survivor, I can tell you that a cancer diagnosis is one of the most traumatizing events that any family can experience. I can only imagine (and God forbid I ever experience firsthand) the pain, fear and desperation that accompany the diagnosis of one’s child. The last thing that this family, and others like it, need is an additional stressor added to their already unfairly heavy load.

Just to remind you, you are ADMINISTRATORS of a charity. Your job is to accommodate people in their time of need, and reduce their financial worries while they deal with the serious illness of a loved one. Your job is not to practice medicine without a license, which is what you are doing by mandating people to obtain an experimental mRNA treatment without knowing anything about their personal, medical or religious situation. Your job is also not to try to influence COVID-19 vaccination policy.

I am reminded of the joke, “Q: Why don’t sharks bite lawyers? A: Professional courtesy.” In this case, of course, the shark is Ronald McDonald House, and the lawyers are Pfizer, Moderna, etc. I suppose I should have realized that, at the end of the day, McDonald’s, an organization that has proven time and again that it does not care about its customers’ health (let alone the health of the animals it tortures and slaughters), would take the side of Big Pharma, which has a similar track record of trying to kill – or at least maim – a small portion of its users. The McDonalds’ business model is, of course, the exact same as Big Pharma: keep people just well enough so that they can continue to purchase your products, but not well enough that they avoid them altogether.

I am honestly shocked that I even have to write this email. The level of evil – and worse than that, sheer stupidity and denial of basic humanity - that is currently being condoned in society is truly heartbreaking. I have cc’d the local news providers as I would like to be the first to offer Mr. Furgason’s family a donation for accommodation costs should Ronald McDonald House cruelly, and unjustifiably, throw them out into the street in the middle of winter. I am hoping that a local journalist can find Mr. Furgason and family, and help bring awareness to their plight (shouldn’t be hard, as you can message him on Facebook). This is not the time to make the COVID-19 vaccine political; it is the time to realize that every person should be afforded with dignity when they are in a crisis, and those who try to manipulate and coerce in a moment of vulnerability are truly worthy of a special circle in hell.

Viva la Burger King,

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