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RIP Joshua Pineau

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

Sent: November 29, 2022 11:10 AM To:;;;;;; Cc: Subject: RIP Joshua Pineau

Mr. Hobson, Ms. Bentley, Mr. Venable, Ms. Campbell, Mr. Sowten et al,

I am reaching out to you after reading this horrifying story on Rebel News: As Cornerstone to Recovery is well aware, Mr. Pineau previously applied for a residential stay at one of your facilities, and was rejected because he wasn’t “vaccinated” against COVID-19. He subsequently ingested “a bad batch of cocaine that was laced with fentanyl and died in the living room of his apartment”.

First of all, let me congratulate you all. Good job!!! At least Mr. Pineau didn’t die from COVID-19! You really protected him, and all of the people living at The Ranch who had a 99.97% survival rate if infected by COVID-19. You truly are all frontline heroes.

Putting sarcasm aside, this story truly sickens me. Your organization is meant as a last resort to those who are lost and struggling in society, and I note that the values you promote on your website include “compassion”, “humility”, “integrity” and “service”. When Mr. Pineau reached out to you in desperation, you apparently forgot all of those values, opting to choose virtue signalling over compassion, hubris over humility, depravity over integrity and forsakenness over service. You elected to refuse Mr. Pineau’s application without even assessing his need or his likelihood of dying without your intervention – never mind that he had 0 % risk of either dying from COVID-19 or of “killing” any of your staff or residents by infecting them with same. You had no justification at all in refusing Mr. Pineau’s application; anyone who has kept even one eye on current events knows that the “vaccines” are leaky and do not prevent transmission, and indeed were never approved to prevent infection. They also know that COVID-19 (especially the most recent variants) is less fatal than the flu to everyone under 70 years of age.

You truly are the epitome of everything that is wrong in society. May you all have sleepless nights wondering how you lost sight of your purpose, and deliberately chose to be complicit in the homicide of an innocent man rather than exercise common sense and compassion. As Friedrich Nietzsche noted 300 years ago, man truly is the cruelest animal.

I’ve cc’d Rebel News; perhaps they can start a GoFundMe for Mr. Pineau’s estate. Nothing would make me happier to learn that each one of you has been sued individually for your reckless disregard of human life and “The Science”.

Yours in blood clots, stroke, myocarditis and just a touch of Bell’s Palsy.

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