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Return to Normalcy

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 6, 2022 11:54 AM To: Cc:;;;; Subject: Return to Normalcy

Mr. Kenney,

I am writing to you today to request that, when you meet with your cabinet COVID committee this week, you drop the idea of phasing out COVID-19 restrictions and immediately lift all restrictions, for everyone. Last summer, you promised that “Alberta was open for the summer”, then hastily clarified that Alberta was open forever. Unfortunately, no sooner did you make that statement, but you broke your promise to Albertans and introduced a medical segregation policy within Alberta that had the effect of making at least 15% of Albertans subhuman, unworthy of basic human rights like earning a living or being allowed to socialize with others. I am one of the Albertans against whom you have discriminated.

As the owner of a business located in Mr. Ceci’s riding, I am unable to meet my customers and sit down for a coffee in a coffee shop, I cannot take them to dinner to network, and your support of the corrupt federal Liberal party has ensured that the violation of my Charter rights and freedoms has extended federally so that I can’t even provide onsite services to my oil and gas customers because I am not allowed on a plane or a train. Vilifying healthy people, and blaming them for the spread of a virus related to the common cold, is not only illogical and immoral, but illegal pursuant to the Canadian Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I point you to the government’s own data for COVID-19 daily cases to highlight the fact that COVID-19 medical segregation and mandates have been an unmitigated disaster: You will notice that COVID-19 cases have been steadily and incrementally increasing since January 2021, ironically the time at which Alberta rolled out its vaccine program. I also point you to the government’s data showing that the average age for a COVID-19 death is 78 years: When we cross reference that information to the government’s data showing that 95.6% of people aged 75-79 have been double vaccinated, and 83.5% of this population has been “boosted” (, along with understanding that the non-vaccinated people in this age group are likely not vaccinated because they are too frail to accept this treatment, it is abundantly clear that there never was a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. This is especially true when we cross-reference to the government’s data on co-morbidity for patients who have died “of” COVID-19:

I understand that your government has been directed to follow the WHO’s guidance on lockdown closures, and that our country has been co-opted by globalist forces, and I assume the United Conservatives have either been coerced or incentivized to implement lockdowns. However, as you may have recently noticed, Canadians are taking back our country via the Freedom Convoy and local rallies and border blockades. The tide has turned, and if your party doesn’t manage to get ahead of this movement toward freedom, it will be left behind. Regular Canadians understand that these lockdowns have never been about a virus, that the government has lied about the number of cases of COVID-19 right from the start, as well as about the safety and efficacy of the “vaccines”, and that there now needs to be an inquiry into the many conflicts of interest at play between the pharmaceutical manufactures, globalist organizations (including GAVI) and Canada’s governmental entities – as well as our most corrupt and cowardly Prime Minister ever, Justin Trudeau, and his relationship to Arbutus, Acuitas, Pfizer and now the GoFundMe debacle.

I encourage you to jump on the bandwagon that has been offered to you via Pierre Poilievre, Candice Bergen, and other federal Conservatives, and immediately lift all COVID-19 restrictions. I also request that your party enact legislation prohibiting any further lockdowns of people in a free society, including but not limited to lockdowns relating to “public health”, climate change and whatever else Bill Gates is trying to sell. Canada is a free country, and Canadians will not rest until we take back the rights that have been stolen from us.

I thank you on behalf of all Albertans for doing the right thing, and leading Canada out of this dark and tyrannical time.

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