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Reply regarding COVID-19 vaccine rules for travellers

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: Friday, May 27, 2022 12:42 PM To: XMS Ministerial Registry Unit / Unité du registre ministériel XMS <> Cc: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;; Subject: RE: Reply regarding COVID-19 vaccine rules for travellers

Dear Jessica,

Please tell Messrs Alghabra and Duclos to disclose their data, as requested by numerous taxpayers (aka their employers), as well as the Conservative Party. Right now, it’s a lot of lip service without any scientific or legal justification, especially when their vaccine exemptions include Ukrainians, temporary foreign workers, foreign students, etc., etc., etc. The only demographic your government is not willing to accommodate is, apparently, law-abiding Canadian citizens with valid reasons not to accept a leaky vaccine for a disease less dangerous than the flu. I also note that no other country has been able to justify such a draconian travel mandate, which of course goes to the bad faith of those who have implemented it.

Also, since it appears the government has commissioned a legal opinion on vaccine mandates, please also forward to me a copy of that document. I presume this has already been provided to Ms. Lantsman (cc’d).

Should Messrs Alghabra or Duclos have any questions about my statements, or require scientific proof re the same, I encourage them to contact me directly.


From: XMS Ministerial Registry Unit / Unité du registre ministériel XMS <> Sent: May 6, 2022 12:19 PM Subject: Reply regarding COVID-19 vaccine rules for travellers

Thank you for your email about COVID-19 vaccine rules for travellers.

Since the outset of the pandemic, the government has taken concrete action to ensure the safety and security of the transportation network, its employees, and its users, in support of Canada’s overall response.

New variants have created new risks for all activities, including travel. Everyone must play their part in combatting the spread of COVID-19 and its variants. The emergence of the Omicron variant was a clear reminder that the pandemic continues to evolve.

While provinces and territories are loosening their restrictions, all previously announced public health measures for federally regulated travel remain in place. This includes vaccination against COVID-19 as a condition of boarding a domestic or outbound international flight, a train, or a cruise ship. In addition, all travellers on planes and trains are required to continue wearing a mask throughout their journey. Passengers on cruise ships will be expected to follow the masking requirements as directed by the ship’s crew.

The vaccination mandate for the federally regulated transportation sector is enacted with due regard for the government’s obligations under the Constitution, including the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The government’s position is that the vaccination mandate is consistent with the Charter and the Canadian Human Rights Act, as well as Canada’s obligations under international law, including in the area of human rights. In addition, many provincial human rights commissions have taken the position that objection to vaccination for personal reasons is not a protected ground under their respective Code and does not need to be accommodated. More information about this legislation can be found on the Canadian Human Rights Commission website.

Domestic and outbound international travellers must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated in order to board a plane, train or cruise ship, unless they have met one of the limited exemptions listed here. Travellers who think they may be eligible for one of these exemptions should contact their operator (e.g., airline, railway, etc.) to obtain the necessary form and apply for the exemption in accordance with their carrier’s approval process. Requests are considered by airlines and railways on a case-by-case basis and are operator-specific.

Travellers who are not fully vaccinated from COVID-19, and do not have a medical or religious exemption, and do not belong to any other exempt classes, may apply for National Interest Exemption (special permission to travel within or from Canada).

The following are examples of travel that would not be considered as being in the National Interest:

  • travelling to visit family

  • attending weddings, funerals, and attending to personal matters such as buying a house

  • seeing/caring for sick family members

  • discretionary travel, such as for vacation or recreation

  • situations where an activity can be held virtually

Information on COVID-19 vaccine requirements for transportation employees and travellers is available on our website.

The Government of Canada will continue to evaluate measures and will not hesitate to make adjustments based on the latest public health advice to keep Canadians and the transportation system safe and secure.

Ensuring a healthy and safe transportation sector remains essential for the recovery of the Canadian economy and for restarting the tourism industry.



Executive Correspondence Unit

Transport Canada /Government of Canada


Sent: May 9, 2022 12:07 PM To: XMS Ministerial Registry Unit / Unité du registre ministériel XMS <> Cc:;;;;;;;;;; Subject: RE: Reply regarding COVID-19 vaccine rules for travellers

Thank you for your email.

I find it very interesting that the Government’s official position on vaccine mandates makes no statements or assertions regarding vaccine efficacy, nor any allegations regarding the success of a vaccine mandate program in preventing the transmission of COVID-19. The response also fails to address less restrictive means of keeping the Canadian population safe, like rapid testing and testing of natural immunity. Perhaps this was an oversight? To that end, please find below some of the information upon which I have relied in order to support my position that the Liberal Government is unjustifiably quashing my rights as a free citizen. I would appreciate you responding to this email with any data or studies either commissioned or relied upon by the XMS Ministerial Registry Unit in its violation of citizens’ rights. (Please don’t respond with studies commissioned by the Government, or studies commissioned from clearly compromised “scientists” like David Fisman, Peter Juni, etc., unless said studies have been independently verified by someone who has not been bought and paid for by Big Pharma.)

  • COVID-19 has lower case and fatality infection rates than influenza. I point you to Bill Gates’ recent statement regarding COVID-19: “We didn’t understand that it’s a fairly low rate and that it’s a disease mainly in the elderly . . .”, along with official Government of Canada data showing that COVID-19 has a 99.7% survivability rate within the population, even without taking any prophylactic or early treatment measures. I also point you to Government data showing that most people who die from COVID-19 are either elderly, or have multiple co-morbidities.

  • You are aware that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are non-sterilizing, and do not prevent the transmission of the virus. They do, however, sometimes suppress COVID-19 symptoms, thus rendering the vaccinee a “dangerous superspreader”.

  • You are also aware that “case” numbers have increased exponentially since the implementation of Canada’s coercive and unlawful implementation of the vaccine program, and that all provinces ceased reporting the differing rates of COVID-19 in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations once it became clear that the vaccines were a complete failure and were actually causing COVID-19 infection (and re-infection).

  • Please review PHAC’s most recent COVID-19 data for the period of April 10-17, 2022. You will find that 99.56% of COVID-19 deaths within that time period occurred in the vaccinated population, and that 63% of COVID-19 cases occurred in the “boosted”. Safe and effective?

  • You are, of course, aware of Pfizer’s latest documentation, disclosed pursuant to Court Order on May 2, 2022. Pursuant to those documents, in Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine trial resulted in 1594 “suspected but unconfirmed” COVID-19 cases in the vaccinated group versus 1816 in the placebo group. Understanding that Pfizer has been cooking its books all along, it is frightening that its best case efficacy scenario represents just a negligible and temporary 12% success rate, not the 95% “relative risk reduction” that Pfizer so often uses to support its vaccine claims. As you know from the previous data dumps, Pfizer’s death rate in the vaccinated arm of its trial was just south of 3% - and you are also aware that the “jab” has negative efficacy against the Omicron variant.

  • The US VAERS website (updated as of April 15, 2022) shows that the COVID-19 vaccine is responsible for 27,349 deaths and 151,589 hospitalizations within that country. These numbers are, of course, grossly underreported. One would expect to see similar percentages in Canada, but of course, physicians are being threatened with their livelihoods if they dare to implicate the vaccine in a death or illness.

  • As you suggest below, the COVID-19 virus is so deadly that the Ministry of Transport has allowed the following groups of people to be exempted from vaccination: foreign nationals “travelling to Canada because [they are] directly affected by the conflict in Ukraine”, diplomats, approved permanent residents, temporary foreign workers, physically remote travellers (who don’t even have to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test), people traveling for urgent medical care or treatment, travellers whose final destination is not Canada, people traveling due to an emergency situation (fire, flood, etc.), foreign nationals traveling for compassionate reasons, marine crew, people with sincere religious beliefs, people who cannot medically be vaccinated etc., etc. Given the laundry list of exceptions, it appears the only people who cannot travel in, to and from Canada via public carrier are law-abiding, taxpaying citizens of this country. Surely if your department really believed that COVID-19 vaccines saved lives, no exemptions for foreigners would be granted at all? How can this department justify even one COVID-19 death due to these dangerous, unvaccinated foreigners traveling next to the compliantly vaccinated?

  • As you are aware, Canada is the only western country to ban unvaccinated travellers from public carriers. To reiterate, no other country has assessed the unvaccinated to be a travel risk, and indeed there has been no incidence of widespread transmission of COViD-19 via air or rail travel. As you know, several Canadian airlines have made statements about this draconian policy, which is both affecting their profits and exposing them to litigation for capricious and discriminatory behaviour.

The above, of course, does not factor in Pfizer’s track record of committing fraud in its representations of medication efficacy, nor does it take into account the number of governmental and other officials who have been financially compromised in order to promote the current suite of “vaccines”. That issue is one for the RCMP; although working their way through all of the Liberal Government’s conflicts of interests and ethics violations is, of course, no small task.

I look forward to your response explaining to me all of the ways in which I am incorrect regarding the above. I am particularly interested to learn why I would be less dangerous to my fellow fliers if I didn’t have a Canadian passport.

Please do not hesitate to call me if you would like citations to any of the above; I certainly don’t want to presume that the Government of Canada is actually keeping up on the latest COVID-19 research or statistics.

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