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Record Hospitalizations

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: December 23, 2021 1:10 PM To: CBC Ombud <> Cc: Subject: Independent modelling group warns of record hospitalizations in B.C. due to Omicron variant

Mr. Nagler,

I am writing to you to again complain about CBC’s extremely biased and lazy reporting, this time in regard to the above-referenced story. This story does not appear to have an author with which it is associated – apparently even the CBC’s journalists have a level to which they will not stoop? Let’s analyze this story, shall we?

I’m afraid it was hard to even read past the first sentence: “A report from an independent COVID-19 modelling group says hospitalizations due to B.C.’s Omicron-fueled fifth wave will reach unprecedented heights by around mid-January.”

When I read this, as a Canadian citizen who dreams of a free press, as well as a quasi-functioning adult in this extremely dysfunctional society, I would assume that “independent”, in this context, means “privately funded”, with no political agenda. It appears, however, that I have a different understanding of what “independent” means than the CBC. A very cursory dive into the education and experience of the (extensive) list of co-authors associated with the Modelling Group reveals that one of the authors, Caroline Colijn, oversees the Canadian Network for Modelling Infectious Disease (CANMOD), which has been provided with $2.5M worth of federal funding over two years.

CANMOD, as someone at the CBC should have researched, is one of five “multidisciplinary infectious disease modelling networks receiving a total of $10M”, and these networks have been established through a partnership between the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. Independent, indeed. I’m sure there are many other conflicts of interest between the co-authors, the government and Big Pharma, but I am only one person who needs to take my unmasked, unvaccinated self out to finish Christmas shopping this afternoon.

Out of curiosity as to whether the Modelling Group has made any accurate predictions in relation to pandemic modelling, I reviewed some of their previous forecasts as well as some of the authors’ papers. To quote Seinfeld, their assumptions are truly “breathtaking”:

  • In February, 2021, Elisha Are and Caroline Colijn published a report on what would happen if a high-transmission variant (in this case, B.1.1.7) became established in Canada. The authors reference stay at home orders, curfews and other tyrannical measures as the reason that, up to that point, COVID-19 had been controlled. Unfortunately they do not cite any studies that would support those statements, nor do they indicate how many people have died from governmental restrictions to conduct a risk/benefit analysis. The model in that study predicted “disaster in March” if the variant was not prevented or contained, and the authors recommended tightened rules on travel, increased quarantine and isolation of travelers, etc. etc. Noting that restrictions didn’t change significantly in late winter and early spring because they were already ridiculously authoritarian (and illegal), I’m afraid I don’t remember the disaster in March – I must have missed all of the dead bodies piling up on the streets? Indeed, and keeping in mind that anyone who dies within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test is labelled a COVID-19 death, COVID-19 “deaths” in Canada actually reduced significantly over that same period, from 95 deaths on February 10, 2021 to 26 deaths on March 30, 2021.

  • Moving on, I went and read the Modelling Group’s October 7, 2021 publication. I’m a little confused about the role of this group: I thought it was to predict the next round of “disasters”, but it appears that the group’s actual agenda is to shape policy? On page 18, we come to my favorite expression from 2021 – the dreaded “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. The Modelling Group advises that hospitalizations (for some unspecified period of time) of children due to COVID-19 will exceed 3,000 in the under-12 year group. This number is derived from assuming that ALL children in British Columbia will contract a strain of COVID-19 that has the potential to render them sick enough for hospitalization. I was unable to find data on how many healthy children have been hospitalized for COVID-19 within Canada; however it appears this number has been negligible throughout the pandemic. I am not aware of any healthy child who has died from COVID-19; nonetheless, the Modelling Group uses this prediction to argue that vaccinating children under 12 is safer than risking their exposure to the virus. The Modelling Group then goes on to make the argument that vaccinating these children has “indirect benefits” as well, because it will protect their parents, grandparents and other adults (page 23). Gross. Let me say that again. Gross. We all know that children are at risk of myocarditis from these experimental shots, and we all know that the trial group for this demographic was too small, and the trial too short, to even attempt to capture any long term adverse effects. We are throwing our children to the wolves – or, in this case, Big Pharma. Remember Pfizer’s $2.3B fraud judgment? (I know, they have changed. Now they and Bill Gates are just in it for the good of humanity.)

  • Getting back to this “pandemic of the unvaccinated”: The December 22, 2021 projections indicate that the only way to prevent more disaster (an “Omicron tidal wave”, to quote our objective, and never melodramatic, Modelling Group) is for everyone to get vaccinated – and if you have had two shots that didn’t work, don’t let that slow you down in rushing to get a third. The Modelling Group does, at least, have the grace to admit that Pfizer vaccine protection “drops rapidly in protection against infection with Omicron” within approximately three months. So I guess we’ll all be on a quarterly vaccine regimen in order to be allowed to participate in society. That doesn’t sound insane, at all. And how does the Modelling Group explain all of the data coming out of Israel, the UK, Gibraltar, and now Canada, that the vaccinated are actually more at risk of testing positive for COVID-19?

  • The Modelling Group does not reference or utilize any South African research on the Omicron variant, which showed that the variant is much less severe than other strains of COVID-19, while being more infectious. The Modelling Group also fails to mention that this is fantastic news for everyone, as it means that (a) COVID-19 is getting weaker, as all viruses do over time, and (b) the high rate of infectiousness will provide us with healthy herd immunity.

And one more comment: Cases are a completely useless marker for the current “pandemic”. Everyone knows the PCR test is flawed, and indeed failed the CDC’s review. But by all means, let’s keep drumming up fear and promoting communism so we can keep cashing those government cheques.

To quote every parent, at some point: I’m not mad, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in the CBC, I’m disappointed in the mathematicians, and I am especially disappointed in the masses who have collectively swallowed the garbage that keeps spewing toward them. Apparently I am one of very few people who has the capability of walking away from money when the price is my soul.

Merry Christmas. May 2022 bring everyone involved with publishing this drivel a conscience, or at the very least, a healthy fear of prosecution for Nuremberg Code violations.

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