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"RCMP gave names to banks"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 8, 2022 11:22 AM To:; Cc:;;;;; Subject: "RCMP gave names to banks"

Superintendent Beaudoin,

I am writing to you this morning to express my disgust, and concern, at the RCMP’s quick adoption of the Liberal Party’s unfounded and illegal invocation of the Emergencies Act in providing an identifying list of approximately “257 accounts of people and businesses involved in the [Freedom Convoy] protests”. The Canadian Press reports that the RCMP’s actions were warranted because “[t]he Ottawa protests caused misery for many local people, with incessant honking from trucks . . . and reports of abuse hurled at those who were wearing masks.” Forgive me for my confusion, but I didn’t realize that honking a horn, or allegedly hurling an epithet at a person, were grounds for having one’s privacy rights violated, and one’s bank account frozen, in contravention of the Canadian Constitution and due process requirements. I also didn’t realize that “involvement” was a legal term of art, such that criminal charges and Constitutional violations were justified. The laws change quickly in the People’s Republic of Canada.

Speaking of “abuse”, can we analyze the systemic oppression that Canadians have experienced over the past 2 years?

  • Is it “abuse” for the government to “quarantine” healthy individuals in their home?

  • Is it “abuse” for the government to prohibit healthy, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens from working to support their families?

  • Is it “abuse” for the government to violate Canadian citizens’ Charter Rights to travel freely throughout, and outside, of Canada?

  • Is it “abuse” for the government to lie about the safety and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines to obtain consent in contravention of the Nuremberg Code – a code that was specifically enacted to prevent the coercion of medical treatment in any “civilized” society?

  • Is it “abuse” for our Prime Minister to incite hatred and violence against the unvaccinated by claiming they are science deniers, racists and misogynists, questioning whether they should even be “tolerated” by society, notwithstanding there is no evidence to support any of these claims?

  • Is it “abuse” for a judge who is a friend of our Prime Minister to imprison a peaceful protestor on mischief grounds for 18 days while rapists and other criminals are free to wander the streets? And, is it “abuse” that, as a condition of bail, said protestor is now no longer to voice her political opinion on COVID-19 mandates or peacefully protest, in direct contravention of her Charter rights and freedoms?

  • Is it “abuse” for our federal government to illegally invoke the Emergencies Act, specifically and in bad faith to violate the rights of peaceful protestors – and to be proud of this fact?

  • Is it “abuse” for the RCMP to not only unleash police horses on innocent protestors, and deliberately trample an elderly Indigenous woman on her scooter, but then brag about it to their peers?

  • Is it “abuse” for the RCMP to beat and tear gas peaceful protestors, as well as employees of non-mainstream media corporations?

I would hope we can agree that each of the items listed above are far more abusive than the honking of a vehicle horn for a few weeks – or perhaps you and I have very different ideas about what constitutes acceptable behaviour in a democratic society.

The whole world has been watching the actions of the RCMP in enforcing Mr. Trudeau’s illegal and improper directives over the past month, and as a citizen of Canada I would like to register my extreme disappointment with the RCMP. At one point, a very long time ago, I was naïve enough to think that the purpose of the RCMP was to uphold the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights; unfortunately, over the past two years, it has become abundantly clear that the RCMP identifies only as the Brownshirt arm of Mr. Trudeau’s fascist regime. The hypocrisy is quite staggering; last year, your organization stood by and watched violent BLM and other protestors destroy and desecrate monuments, set fire to churches and cause complete mayhem for months on end without anyone so far as uttering the word “emergency”, let along acting like there was one. This year, a group of legitimate and law-abiding citizens launches a peaceful protest, and your goons are happy to attack and illegally charge and imprison in the name of public safety.

I’ve never been so disappointed to be Canadian as I have in the past two years. I would encourage you to think about what country you want to leave to your children, and grandchildren. Are you happy to leave your kids a world where the elite has one set of rules, and us proletariat have another? Are you happy to leave your kids a world where freedom of expression is not guaranteed, and where they may be imprisoned on a pretext if the official government decides their political opinions are unacceptable? Are you happy to leave your kids a world where they can lose their jobs and mobility rights for exercising bodily autonomy? And, are you happy to leave your kids a world where they will “own nothing and be happy” while Blackrock, Soros, Schwab, Gates, etc. play a game of monopoly at their expense?

I’d encourage you to search deep in your soul to determine whether you and your reports are living up to your oath, and truly representing the interests of Canadians. I’d also like to ask you why Mr. Trudeau’s criminal investigation doesn’t seem to be progressing very quickly. Do you need more evidence of Mr. Trudeau’s conflicts of interest and criminal dealings? If so, please advise and I would love to assist you. Just a quick reminder, while I have your attention: Section 318/319 criminal violations, Baylis Medical, Acuitas Therapeutics, Arbutus, WE, SNC-Lavalin, Point Grey, Aga Khan, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Barry and Honey Sherman, the “Great Reset” and WEF/Xi Jinping conflicts of interest, to name a few. Has the RCMP also started investigating why so many of our government leaders experienced a large increase in personal wealth during the pandemic? As you are aware, other countries have started uncovering the large bribes that have been paid to some leaders (and mainstream media providers) to promote the COVID-19 vaccine as well as infringe upon their citizens’ rights. I trust the RCMP has launched a similar investigation in Canada.

Thank you for your time.

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