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Racism in the CBC

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: January 7, 2022 12:16 PM To: Cc: CBC Ombud <>; BRODIE FENLON <>; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;; Singh, Jagmeet - M.P. <>; Subject: Racism in the CBC

Good afternoon,

I’m sure you have read Ms. Henley’s recent opinion on the CBC and its blatant racism in delivering “news” to the Canadian public. If, for some reason, you missed it, you may find it here: As a Canadian citizen, and lover of the truth and democracy, this article, unfortunately, was not news to me. It has been abundantly clear that the CBC has been acting as the Liberal Government’s increasingly less sane and more divisive mouthpiece over the past six years (six years ago, of course, being the point in Canadian history when this country went to hell in a communist handbasket, courtesy of the Greater Toronto Area and our Dear Leader).

Please accept this email as my formal complaint, as a citizen of Canada and as a Caucasian, Christian, God-loving and fearing female, that I have been (and continue to be) discriminated against by the CBC, based solely on my race, ethnic origin, colour, religion and genetic characteristics, in violation of the Canadian Constitution. I am completely disgusted at what passes for “objective” journalism in this country, and I sincerely hope that the Human Rights Commission has not been compromised such that these complaints will be swept under the rug.

Please also accept this as my complaint that the CBC has violated all Canadian citizens’ rights to be treated with respect due to its blatant assumptions regarding who is qualified in society to have a voice, and who should be punished solely for their skin colour and religious views. The fact that CBC is working in conjunction with the Liberal Government to conspire against me and other Christians while using my taxpayer dollars to pay for this inequity only adds salt to these wounds, and I do not consent to this misuse of funds.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. As you may be aware, the future of Canada depends on the Human Rights Commission’s ability to right these terrible wrongs, and to sanction the CBC for its discriminatory and hateful behaviour.

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