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Racism in Kelowna

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: November 2, 2021 10:37 AM To: mayorandcouncil <> Subject: Racism in Kelowna

Mayor Basran,

I read with bemusement your statement in Castanet yesterday, whereby you advised that there is “no place” for discrimination in Kelowna. First of all, let me express my awe at your dogged inability to recognize irony: I can only assume that you are just mocking the citizens of Kelowna at this point with such statements. I believe this is what the British refer to as “taking the piss”.

As you know, you have singlehandedly led the charge to divide and conquer many of Kelowna’s residents and visitors. This summer, you told non-residents that they were not welcome in Kelowna. This fall, you have repeatedly encouraged people to turn on their unvaccinated family and friends. Apparently discrimination against some groups is actually quite acceptable (and actively encouraged) in Kelowna, notwithstanding your platitudes condemning such behaviour.

I’ve written to you many times to express my concerns at the “science” that the City of Kelowna is currently following in alignment with Dr. Bonnie’s stellar (and ever-changing, based on the winds of popular opinion and maximum coercion) pandemic policies. This science includes, but is most certainly not limited to, the following gems:

  • Unvaccinated people may enter a restaurant to either work, or pick up take-out meals, but not to sit down and eat a meal. Of course, they can also eat at certain fast food restaurants, etc. Apparently COVID-19 only attacks people dining in the finer establishments in Kelowna. Thank God the unvaxxed can prevent COVID-19 by simply standing up.

  • In line with the above, as you are more than well aware, one of the most significant comorbidities for suffering severe COVID-19 symptoms is obesity. However, unvaccinated people may eat at McDonalds while being refused entry into gyms within the city. What an odd strategy for increasing the health of one’s citizens – it’s almost like our Province’s agenda isn’t to make its residents healthy and strong, physically and mentally.

  • Healthy, asymptomatic people who have natural immunity to COVID-19 should be refused service in Kelowna at restaurants, sporting events, concerts, movies, etc.

  • Healthy, asymptomatic people who have natural immunity to COVID-19 should be refused the ability to earn a living and support their families in certain employment sectors (including, of course, your City staff).

  • A vaccination that doesn’t prevent transmission and, indeed, is clearly failing according to the data from Israel, Gibraltar, the UK and other countries, should be pushed on every citizen of Kelowna, regardless of their personal discussions with their healthcare provider, their physical disabilities, their religious beliefs and, of course in violation of our Canadian Constitution and the Nuremberg Code.

  • Sweden, Florida and most certainly Uttar Pradesh do not exist. The emperor’s new clothes, indeed.

I could belabour the points above, but given the City’s fervent commitment to its current version of insanity in following the Chinese Communist Party’s playbook for destroying democracy eradicating an endemic virus similar to influenza, I will save my breath (and litigation skills) for the impending trials.

I’ve invited you to meet for a coffee before, and I extend that invitation to you again. Although, of course, given your current agenda of inciting hatred against critical thinkers in Kelowna, you likely don’t want to spend any time with anyone who can actually dispel your belief that anti-vaxxers are stupid, anti-social or selfish.

Have a blessed day.

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