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Provincial Vaccine Mandates

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: January 7, 2022 3:09 PM To: Cc:; Singh, Jagmeet - M.P. <>;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <> Subject: Provincial Vaccine Mandates

Mr. Duclos,

Happy National Dictator Week – I’m assuming that is what this is, given your statements of today? Your fearless leader kicked it off last week, accusing the unvaccinated of “taking space”, and you have continued it today with your oh-so-illegal statements regarding the provinces mandating vaccination. I’m sorry you didn’t get the memo – did you not hear that mandatory vaccination is illegal in Canada? It is understandable that you have forgotten that Canadians have unalienable rights, given that your Government regularly, and with impunity, violates those rights with little to no forethought.

Since it’s a day ending with “y”, let’s run through the “science” one more time:

  • No, vaccines do not prevent transmission, nor have they been approved to do so.

  • No, the “vaccines” are not working. As you are more than aware, the “vaccines” have a maximum efficacy period of approximately 5 months (post-second shot) and 2 months (post-booster). As you should also be aware since I’m sure you are closely following the studies coming out of the UK, Israel, Norway, etc. (sorry – that was my attempt at humour, we know you are studiously ignoring any evidence that might open your eyes), after the 2 month “booster honeymoon” period, the vaccines actually have a negative efficacy rate; meaning that it is actually more likely that a vaccinated person will become ill with COVID-19 than an unvaccinated person. That’s okay though, right? We’ll just keep pushing the boosters closer together to keep up the citizens’ immunity. I wonder when this tilt-a-whirl of vaccine roulette will start throwing its riders off? (Spoiler alert – the boosters have already thrown off a few of my acquaintances from the ride – I hope you’re planning to charge the ingrates for their hospital stays to combat treatment for their heart attacks, blood clots and neurological disorders. And it’s very rude of them to ruin your narrative, too. Minus one hundred social credit points to each of them.)

  • There are a few problems with your statement that “fifty per cent of hospitalizations now, in Quebec, are due to people not having been vaccinated”, and that the unvaccinated are “overwhelming” the hospitals. There are currently 1904 people “with” COVID-19 in hospitals in Quebec, along with 229 in intensive care. Is Quebec’s data the same as Ontario and the UK? If so, the number of people who are in hospital “due to” COVID-19 is less than half of these totals and, if the Quebec healthcare system can be brought down by 115 people in intensive care, Quebec has bigger problems than the Coronavirus. The other problem, of course, is that each province is working feverishly to ensure that their data does not accurately reflect the number of vaccinated people who are infected with COVID-19. Here in BC, Dr. Henry has advised the vaccinated not to get tested; I’m assuming that Quebec, that mecca of truthfulness and transparency (witness: SNC-Lavalin), has a similar edict since you are all marching, goose-step, to the same Nazi playbook?

  • The final statistical problem with your statement regarding the unwashed masses, is that, assuming you are able to read a graph (a big ask for a Liberal party member), you understand that, each week, the unvaccinated comprise a smaller proportion of the total cases and hospitalizations. Care to wager what those graphs are going to look like by fall, when the Germans are predicting that the vaccinated are going to be enjoying their very own version of antibody-dependent enhancement? I’ll put $50,000 on the line if you want to make this interesting? What the hell, let’s bet $100,000 and the freedom of approximately 24,000,000 Canadians (you can keep the Quebecers).

  • If you want to implement a healthcare system in Canada that allows people to be penalized for their lifestyle choices, where is your statement that smokers will now be paying for their lung cancer treatment, a treatment which vastly exceeds the costs of some 80 year-old flu patients? Why haven’t you required that the morbidly obese be responsible for the cost of their heart stents? And where is your “opt-out” clause for the unvaccinated and healthy members of society who would happily post a bond rather than be subject to these tyrannical diktats? Quite frankly, as an unvaccinated person, I have no intention of going anywhere near the public healthcare system at any time in the next few years. I would trust Jack the Ripper with my bodily autonomy before I trust one of the indoctrinated medical “professionals” who have read the studies that masks don’t prevent viral infections, and yet happily espouse wearing them to the lobotomized masses. (True story: I was at Kelowna General Hospital last year, and the nurse I spoke to admitted that medical masks are completely ineffective in preventing the transmission of COVID-19, but shrugged his shoulders and said “we have to follow orders”. Getting back to the goose-stepping – I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, given the last time Nazism was in fashion, the doctors were the first to fall into line.)

  • Notwithstanding your assertions to the contrary, the vaccines are not safe, nor are they effective. Let’s play a word association game, shall we? I’m going to mention a name, and you’re going to say the first thing that pops into your head. Ready? Okay, my first name is “Christian Ericksen”. What’s that? You’ve never heard of him? Okay, let’s try again: “Kim Mi-soo”. No? Nothing? How about “Maddie de Garay”? Nada? Going closer to home, how about “Sean Hartman”? Still nothing? Well, boo. That wasn’t nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. Perhaps the common theme between all of these people will come to you, at some point, when you realize that committing yourself to eternal damnation for a trust-fund communist who failed Grade 7 and thinks it’s fun to mock minorities isn’t nearly as rewarding as advertised.

  • Let’s also talk about emergencies. If it’s your assertion that Canada is in a state of emergency, your government needs to pull the trigger and proclaim this. What’s that? You don’t want to do that because then you actually have to provide some proof for your tyrannical mandates? Hmmmmm.

  • Remember Pfizer’s $2.3B fraud judgment? I wonder why I just thought of that?

Getting back to the point: it’s still illegal to mandate vaccination in Canada and no, you cannot bully your way into changing that fact. Not only that, but this “vaccine” doesn’t even qualify as a “vaccine” pursuant to 2019 definitions. Of course, in this new, super-fun, dystopian hellscape, when a definition doesn’t fit, we just change it! Not Orwellian at all. No really, not at all! And speaking of your political party, all feeding at the taxpayer trough like swollen porcine, why am I reminded of Mr. Orwell’s quote: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”?

I highly suggest you reacquaint yourself with the tenets on which this country was founded, lest the unwashed masses suddenly realize that, like Dorothy did in Oz so many years ago, they have wielded the power all along. I also encourage you to search deep in your soul: a Liberal pension is 25 years, but losing your humanity is forever.

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