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Province of BC's extension of segregation laws

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: January 18, 2022 5:03 PM To:;; Cc:; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>; Subject: Province of BC's extension of segregation laws

Dr. Henry,

Please accept this email as my extreme displeasure/disgust that the province of BC continues to trample on its citizens’ constitutional rights with no attempt at even attempting to identify a credible basis for such an attack. I note that your concession to allow gyms to reopen did not have the effect you likely thought it would on social media: people are extremely angry.

They are mad at your backpedaling re closing gyms when it was clear that you could not justify this decision with any scientific evidence, they are mad that you are again playing favorites with certain businesses whilst punishing others, they are mad that you are still enforcing segregation papers for 15% of the population (soon to be a much higher proportion, once you announce that boosters are mandatory for all), and they are mad that you think you have the right to tell the citizens of BC how they are able to socialize with each other. (Newsflash for you: no one is listening to, or complying with, this nonsense any more. We are all more than eager for your henchmen to issue us a ticket for noncompliance, for the sole reason that we can then have our day in court with you. Rest assured we are all very eager to hear what you have to say once you are subpoenaed to the stand, beyond your standard defenses of “none of this is based on science”, and “I just do what they tell me to do”, of course.)

As you are most certainly aware, the “vaccinated” within current society comprise the majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations and cases. It is abundantly clear that the BC government continues to try to skew these numbers through failing to define “vaccinated”, “partially vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” in its statistics, as well as “adjusting for age”, which miraculously always boosts the number of unvaccinated cases and hospitalizations higher than the vaccinated, regardless of the pre-adjusted numbers. Even with this government’s attempts to blame the unvaccinated for this current “pandemic” (“casedemic”, for those whose frontal lobes are still working), the numbers cannot even begin to justify province-wide discrimination and segregation of a contingent of people whose only claim to fame is their unwillingness to receive a “vaccine” that isn’t a vaccine. And which, of course, kills a significant number of its hosts. What are we up to worldwide now? 200,000 deaths? More? (Lol – like you’re tracking that!)

And speaking of that vaccine, let’s discuss Israel’s and Norway’s latest numbers. You are aware, of course, that Israeli researchers have now admitted that, even with four shots of Mr. Bourla’s secret sauce, Omicron and other variants are likely to “breakthrough” in the vaccinated. You are also aware that, with each vaccination, one’s risk of myocarditis, heart attack, blood clots, etc. increases exponentially. I must admit that I am still amazed that we can live in a world in which a minority of healthy people with no viral load can be blamed for the fact that the elderly, morbidly obese and diabetic are currently in hospitals “with” COVID-19. It’s a true testament to this country’s school system that so many have been so gullible and credulous.

And speaking of Mr. Bourla, remember that time he admitted that two shots won’t offer any protection against COVID-19, and it is unlikely that three will have much effect either? Oh wait – that was only January 12th! My God this really has been the longest January ever, in no small part due to the constant attack on civil rights by this government. Here’s the link, in case you missed it:

I read a really fun story about Mr. Bourla yesterday that I’d like to share with you. You might have heard it already. It’s about that time that Mr. Bourla was the Area President of Animal Health Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and knowingly allowed Pfizer to sell a bovine vaccine that caused something called “blood sweating”, where young calves would begin bleeding uncontrollably from their eyes, ears and skin. Thousands of cattle died, whilst Pfizer disclaimed all liability and continued to sell its product until an investigation was opened against it in Germany in 2010. Even then, Pfizer continued to sell PregSure BVD elsewhere in Europe until pressured to stop. The “funny” thing about this story is that no one identified the connection between the calves dying and Pfizer’s vaccine treatment until several years after the vaccine was introduced to the market. Thank goodness we as a species continue to evolve and learn from our mistakes so these sorts of incidents don’t just repeat in an endless loop, right? And thank goodness Pfizer learned its lesson and decided that making money isn’t nearly as important as doing the right thing!

Have fun eating out at restaurants, going to gyms and attending sporting events this week with your vaccinated friends and family! I still can’t quite believe that it is 2022 and “back of the bus” is back in style in Canada. My consolation of course, is that Rosa Parks had her day, as I’m sure the unvaccinated will as well.

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