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Pop Quiz - Human Rights Edition

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: April 11, 2022 6:14 PM To:;;;;;;;; Cc:;;;;;;; Subject: Pop Quiz - Human Rights Edition

Good afternoon MPs,

I thought today we could play a game I made up. It’s called China or Canada? The premise is simple; I describe an aspect of one of these two countries, and you guess which country it is. Ready?? Here we go!

Q1: This country is in the process of killing hundreds of thousands of house pets inhumanely in order to prevent the sixth (?) wave of an endemic illness.

A1: Okay, I purposely made this one easy as a warm up. The answer is, of course, China. Canada is only killing poultry that test positive for the avian flu (with a faulty PCR test) in order to artificially create food shortages!

Q2: This country has prohibited more than 15% of its citizens from being able to legally flee their country for refusing an experimental therapeutic treatment linked to hundreds of thousands of deaths and adverse events around the world.

A2: Canada

Q3: This country chose to administer traditional “inactivated” vaccines to its citizens rather than experimental mRNA vaccines that won’t complete their phase 3 trials until 2024. Some speculate that this is because its government didn’t want to endanger its citizens with unproven and potentially dangerous technology.

A3: China

Q4: This country believes that restricting its citizens’ rights in order to force vaccination is acceptable.

A4: Both

Q5: This country is often in world news due to its persecution of religious leaders and political dissidents.

A5: Both

Q6: The father of this authoritarian leader, who had communist leanings, held a prominent position within the country’s government decades prior to his son taking power.

A6: Both

Q7: This country monitors and controls its citizens’ movements and political statements through their cellphones and social media accounts.

A7: Both

Q8: This country has been accused of spreading state propaganda and disinformation, as well as criticizing groups that oppose its government, through its official state media.

A8: Both

Q9: This country’s total government debt is equivalent to approximately 45% of its GDP.

A9: China, of course! Which country would be self-destructive enough to let its debt creep up to 84% of its GDP? Oh …

Q10: This country was recently in world news for allowing a police horse to first trample a handicapped Indigenous woman, and then quickly determining that the assault was not serious enough to warrant further investigations.

A10: Oh, I think we know the answer to this one, amirite?

Q11: This country’s government has a new scandal/conflict of interest at least every month, although it is never reported by mainstream media nor subject to prosecution by either the federal police detachment or the Ethics Commission.

A11: To quote the immortal Britney Spears, “Oops! I did it again.”

Well, that was a really depressing game, but thank you for playing. Remind me again, how we are the true north strong and free? And remind me again, why any of you think you have the right to oppress Canadians and deprive them of their unalienable rights, whilst you treasonously drive this country into bankruptcy?

Mr. Duclos and Mr. Alghabra – I’m still waiting for you to publish any data that show the unvaccinated are a public health threat such that depriving us of our right to travel for over four months is acceptable. Also, the latest data published by this country (effective March 20, 2022) indicate that many vaccinated citizens appear to be suffering from ADE, meaning that COVID-19 is now a chronic condition that they are unable to clear from their bodies. When you eventually do me the “favour” of returning to me the rights that you stole, can you please advise if you intend to ban the vaccinated from planes and trains so that I won’t have to worry about them harming my pristine, non-GMO immune system? I know you two are all about “following the science”.

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

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