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Pfizer Vaccine Documents

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

This is an email drafted by Sheldon Yakiwchuk for immediate distribution to MPs, MLAs, Premiers, etc. Please copy/paste and send, with a bcc to Sheldon - so he knows which MPs have been contacted.


Sent: March 3, 2022 1:27 PM To:;;; Cc:;;;;; BRODIE FENLON <> Subject: Pfizer Vaccine Documents

Dear Honorable Recipients and cc’d and bcc’d Guests,

If you haven’t had the opportunity to view the documents recently posted by Pfizer regarding their Clinical Studies in regards to the COVID-19 Vaccinations, I would strongly encourage you to take some time to review them. Not doing so, may leave a lot of Canadians injured and dead in the wake of ignoring this.

Of particular concern, please note the following:

There were 1,223 Fatalities in this trial of 42,086 test subjects - a death rate of almost 3%. In Canada, at present, there are a total of 36,638 COVID deaths in 3,296,503 cases, giving COVID a death rate of 1.1%.

The death rate from the Pfizer Clinical Trials is 3x that of COVID itself.

Please feel free to verify this with Health Canada →Link

While you are still working at ending Travel Restrictions the new information suggests that there is a large potential for the vaccines to cause more damage than COVID itself could.

Additionally the Federal Mandates on restricting travel around vaccinations infringe on our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in doing so, do not pass the requirements of the Oakes Test - Supreme Court of Canada - 1986, in that they are not:

  • Pressing and Substantial;

  • Rationally connected to any purpose;

  • Are not a Minimum impairment;

  • Nor do they provide a Proportional Effect.

How can our government continue to push vaccinations that have the ability to cause this much damage and mandate travel restrictions around them, when they were developed for a Strain of COVID from 2020 while their effective rate is clearly not what was being told to us on their first use. You need not look any further than case spike rate since the Omicron Variant became the dominant variant in Canada.

I urge you, on behalf of all of those whose lives have already been impacted by the over 100,000 Adverse Reactions, also reported by Health Canada:

I urge you, on behalf of all of those who have lost a family member to COVID under a false sense of security provided by the information being provided, after being fully vaccinated, clearly reported by the Province of Alberta:

I urge you as a parent who knows that children who have a near perfect survival rate for COVID, as do the majority of Canadians under the age of 60 with no underlying health conditions:

Any further injuries and deaths created after the Pfizer Documents have been made available will further damage the relationships of medical professionals and those who are in need as well as continue to erode the faith in our elected officials.

Please act accordingly and put a stop to these while you have time to investigate.

News agencies: I know you are busy reporting on the Ukraine, but perhaps a story about how Big Pharma is killing and wounding millions of people around the globe would be of some interest to your readers. No? *crickets*

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