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Pay no attention to the spike proteins behind the curtain

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: September 7, 2021 9:16 AM To:; Cc: Subject: Pay no attention to the spike proteins behind the curtain

Good morning,

I’m sure you are familiar with this medical study since you are the “experts” on Covid-19 in British Columbia. I am absolutely horrified that you continue to coerce young people into receiving this experimental vaccine when the evidence regarding serious side effects continues to mount every day. Health Canada’s database shows that it has recorded 631 events of myocarditis after the vaccine, but of course this is likely a small proportion of the actual number of adversely affected individuals since physicians are regularly being silenced by this government.

You are also aware that Dr. Lee Merritt has advised that the 5-year mortality rate for myocarditis is around 66%, which means at least 417 Canadians have been relegated to death as a result of Canada’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

I believe that today is the day you plan to roll out BC’s vaccine passport system, for implementation next week. Per the Ministry of Health, since your announcement about vaccine passports last week, there has been an approximate 200% increase in vaccine bookings. This is a direct result of your coercive tactics, and I’m shocked that you are willfully and knowingly placing demographics who are not at serious risk from Covid-19 directly in the line of a cardiac event. As a US-qualified lawyer, if you were to come to me for legal advice, I would advise you that once you act willfully and with knowing intent to cause harm, your bureaucratic position will not protect you from the inevitable lawsuits. Instead, it is very likely that, at some point, you will be prosecuted individually for your multiple violations of charter rights and breaches of duty to the residents of British Columbia.

I trust whatever money you have been paid to ignore the adverse effects of Covid-19 restrictions and treatments helps you to sleep at night. To quote Lady MacBeth – “Out, damned spot, out”.

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