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Pastor Artur Pawlowski - Wrongful Imprisonment

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: February 24, 2022 1:38 PM To:;;;;;; Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Pastor Artur Pawlowski - Wrongful Imprisonment

Good morning,

Please accept my heartfelt plea that Pastor Artur be immediately released from the Calgary Remand Centre, where he has been wrongfully imprisoned for over two weeks. Pastor Artur’s only “crimes” are exercising free speech and accurately predicting the fascist evolution of our present Canadian government, and unfortunately he appears to be the canary in the coalmine for Canadian democracy. Pastor Artur is best known for feeding the homeless and leading spiritual services, as are his rights under Canadian law; unfortunately he is also a survivor of Polish communism and has therefore been unable to sit back and watch Canada be destroyed by these same dark forces.

Canada has always prided itself on its human rights record; unfortunately, Pastor Artur’s imprisonment, along with Mr. Trudeau’s brutal and illegal assault of the peaceful Freedom Convoy protestors, has exposed the chasm that lies between words and actions in this country. The hypocrisy of our current Canadian governments, at all levels, is blatant and offensive to honest Canadians. Mr. Trudeau recently announced that Canada would take a “stand against authoritarianism” in reference to Russia’s recent invasion of the Ukraine. It is clear that this statement was made to deliberately mock each peaceful protestor in Canada who has had their speech quashed, their Charter rights violated, their bank accounts frozen, been beaten by RCMP/OPS/UN goons, trampled by RCMP horses and ostracized by the Liberal Government for the past year for daring to exercise bodily autonomy.

I urge you to look into your hearts and do the right thing for Canada, regardless of what your superiors have ordered. It is abundantly clear that the Canadian government has waged war upon its people, and it is up to each of you to remember your oath to your citizens, and act with integrity and in the best interests of Canada. Mr. Trudeau’s blatant misuse of the Emergencies Act this past week has shown how little our government respects the laws of this land, and how little it respects the citizens it has sworn to serve.

I have cc’d the members of Congress from the US city in which I last resided (Dianne Feinstein, Ted Lieu, Alex Padilla and Brad Sherman). As they are aware, there is a movement in the US to save Pastor Artur (, and I urge them each to place political pressure on Canada to release Pastor Artur, and to end all unconstitutional COVID-19 and other restrictions that violate Canadian citizens’ rights. Canadians are being abused and mistreated by their current governments, and I beg each of you to save us from these tyrants.

I have also cc’s Congresswoman Yvette Herrell: I beg of you to allow all persecuted Canadians asylum in New Mexico. We are not safe in our own land due to the current fascist regime that is currently imprisoning political opponents, as well as persecuting and inciting hatred against political dissidents, honest scientists and doctors, and of course the unvaccinated.


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