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Notice of Liability

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: December 6, 2021 11:09 AM

To: '' <>

Cc: '' <>; '' <>; '' <>; '' <>

Subject: Notice of Liability

Mr. Ibbitson,

I read your “Opinion” piece of December 4 (“Canada should resist urge to drop the hammer on the unvaccinated – at least for now”) and wanted to express my deep concern with this article. First off, I’m sure you have been served a Notice of Liability by several individuals by now, so I don’t need to attach one at this time. This article violates the principles of ethical media standards in Canadian reporting. You have a duty to ensure that you do not disseminate unduly discriminatory material, a duty to report accurately and without bias, a duty to report objectively and a duty to report without being influenced by advertisers. You have failed all of these duties. You are also in violation of Canadian Criminal Code Section 301(2): promoting hatred. I have cc’d Media Relations at the RCMP – presumably they can forward my email to the relevant RCMP detachment for further investigation.

As you are well aware, COVID-19 has the same infection and case fatality rates as the flu. Let me say that in another way: COVID-19 is no more deadly to almost all demographics of our population, and is less dangerous to young people, than the flu. Implying that healthy, asymptomatic people are somehow a danger to themselves and society is grotesque. The average person who dies “from” COVID-19 has 4 co-morbidities, and the obese have triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection. Where is your vilification of the obese and infirm? Should you not be attacking the morbidly obese people who are bumping up Canada’s mortality statistics? To quote your article, we shouldn’t make life easy for the obese – “they shouldn’t be allowed to work among us, to fly or take the train, to eat in restaurants, work out in gyms, or sit in theatres or arenas”. They are being “ornery”, or perhaps need more “information and education” to make better life choices, right?

You also imply that no one has a valid reason to refuse these experimental treatments, regardless of their critical thinking skills, religious beliefs, medical history or the amount of research they have invested into COVID-19 and the “vaccines”. To label those who are cautious (and can read scientific studies) as “refuseniks” and infer that they are a danger to society such that they must be excluded is irresponsible and twisted. This is especially true when renowned epidemiologist around the world are sounding the alarm on both the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. For the past 20 months, mainstream media has failed to publish information on how to reduce one’s risk of severe COVID-19 disease (vitamin D, quercetin, and of course that Nobel-prize winning “horse paste” that has been used successfully in Mexico and India) and has failed to critically analyze the dangers of societal lockdowns or report honestly on mask efficacy. Mainstream media has also failed to report the numerous conflicts of interest with our government officials in their blanket adoption of the Chinese Communist Party’s pandemic protocols, as well as the financial interests many elected officials and scientists have in the marketing and sale of the vaccines.

These conflicts include people such as Mr. Trudeau and his alleged interest in Acuitas and David Fisman, the poster boy for COVID-19 doomsday predictions who regularly accepts funding from Pfizer and Moderna. If only we had an unbiased media that would report on these conflicts. (A girl can dream.) This year, as good members of Canada’s Pravda, you have touted the “vaccines” as the exit strategy for this pandemic, notwithstanding that all cause mortality increases with vaccination and that young people are suddenly dropping dead from heart attacks at a pace never seen before. And let’s not mention the fact that Pfizer’s clinical study – the study used by the FDA to approve this treatment for emergency use - had more deaths in the treatment group than the control group. Who needs real data when we have the scientific “experts” projecting results, right? And why would anyone be skeptical of a company that was required to pay the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the US DOJ? (Besides anyone who is paying attention, of course.)

You might have noticed that the tide is turning. The masses are starting to realize that the government’s agenda is to never return to normal, and their anger is growing. Right now you and others are trying to harness that anger and focus it against the unvaccinated; this strategy is a loser. The next step in the great awakening is for inquests and criminal charges to be filed. At that point we will find out who within the media and the government has been bribed and we will identify all of the criminals who are not “a necessary evil in a free society”.

I would request that the Globe and Mail issue a retraction, but at the end of the day no one with any intelligence reads, or believes, the bought and paid for tripe that it publishes.

Have fun with the blood money.

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