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No to National Healthcare Digital ID

Sent: February 10, 2023 2:30 PM To: Cc:; Subject: No to National Healthcare Digital ID

Mr. Eby,

Please accept this email as my request that you join the lead of Ms. Smith and Mr. Moe in opposing a national healthcare digital identification program. There is no valid reason for the federal government to be entitled to access any of my personal health information and, unfortunately, given the past few years of deception, corruption and manipulations, one can clearly see the agenda of our current government. Mr. Trudeau wants full control over Canadians:

  • Full control to deny healthcare to Canadians who are affiliated with any peaceful protests of which he does not approve;

  • Full control to determine which healthcare “treatment” a Canadian must accept prior to receiving government assistance/funding;

  • Full control to label anyone who refuses to participate in this charade as a “terrorist”, and use that basis to deny them access to healthcare, organ donation, bank accounts, and God knows what else.

If the past two years have shown us anything, it is that all citizens must be able to exercise bodily autonomy and voice their concerns over any medical treatment that is offered to them. You are very aware of the numerous number of British Columbians who were first coerced to accept an experimental “vaccine”, and are now paying the price for this with their mental and physical health. Every day I hear of another young person who has mysteriously suffered a stroke, a seizure or a blood clot; surely sanity and decency must prevail over what can only be labeled as blood money at this point in time?

Mr. Eby, I am really quite exhausted at the constant barrage of attacks this our current federal government is lobbying at taxpaying citizens. Please accept this as my plea that you protect British Columbians from this abusive behaviour, and tell Mr. Trudeau in no certain terms that your constituents do not consent to these privacy violations.

Thank you for your time.

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