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No to COVID-19 boosters

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: July 5, 2022 12:06 PM To: Cc:;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;;;; Subject: No to COVID-19 boosters

Mr. Duclos,

Yesterday I watched a clip of you threatening the Canadian public with COVID-19 boosters every 9 months for the foreseeable future, presumably in exchange for you not depriving us of our basic rights to travel, support our families and participate in society, and I wanted to relay a story to you from this weekend. My spouse and I went for dinner at one of our friends’ houses (let’s call them the “Covidiots”) to celebrate Canada Day (I know, I know – not that much to celebrate this year but we pushed forward). The Covidiots excluded us from their Dr. Bonnie “bubble” two years ago when they disinvited us to their Christmas celebrations, per BC health recommendations. On Sunday, we saw the Covidiots’ in-laws (the “CILs”) for the first time since the COVID-19 debacle started, and I started chatting with Mrs. CIL about sicknesses over the past few years. Mrs. CIL is your dream citizen: she dutifully had her two jabs, and then a booster, because she wanted to do her part for society (well, actually she did it to travel, but she hasn’t woken up to the fact that she was Nuremberged yet). Mrs. CIL had a bout of COVID-19 this winter, which she equated to a bad flu. I explained that I, too, had a bad flu this winter that left me fatigued for a week. I wish you had been there when the lightbulb came on for her; Mrs. CIL realized her 3 jabs had done nothing to protect her from illness, and indeed the unvaccinated have encountered no worse effects from this virus than the triple jabbed.

Extrapolating on this event (and knowing several others who plan to decline your kind offer of a third vial of mystery ingredients for a disease less fatal than the flu), and understanding that not even 60% of the Canadian public is triple jabbed, how long do you think your evergreen booster plan is going to work on even the most somnolent of the masses? Assuming you lose 20-30% buy-in every time another round of boosters is unleashed on the unwitting public, I can’t see how your scheme will last more than another two rounds of clotshots before the whole story unravels – and that’s assuming that none of the jabbed make the connection between the vaccine and adverse events! Of course, I know this booster scheme has nothing to do with you; one only has to watch you speaking to the media to realize you are reading from a script that even you do not believe. At this point, you are not dissimilar to a prisoner of war reciting the usual lines – “I’m healthy, they are feeding me, I am not being tortured with an electrical cable”. And God forbid someone asks you to defend your position with science!! (I’ve cc’d Mr. Alghabra to remind him he still owes the Canadian public some scientific justification for Charter restrictions as well – a girl can dream.)

As per usual, I commend you for toeing the party line whilst betraying the citizens of Canada! I hope that sweet Liberal pension makes up for the fact that you can’t look yourself in the mirror. And by the way – Mr. and Mrs. CIL advise they are not going to accept any more boosters – I believe they may be your canary in the coalmine, as it were. (Hopefully for their sake, they avoid any adverse events – otherwise their similarity to said canary may unfortunately extend to other areas of their life … or lack thereof.)

Have the day your conscience allows you to have.

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