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No More Lockdowns

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 11, 2022 9:26 AM To: Cc:;;;;;;;;;;;; bcrcmp <>; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <> Subject: No More Lockdowns

Dr. Henry,

I read several articles summarizing your press conference of yesterday and have the following comments/questions for you:

  • You stated that “[w]e know [masking] protects us, but it’s also a sign of respect of protection for others”. This statement is all kinds of wrong: first of all, as a doctor you are aware of numerous studies showing that masking has a negligible effect on viral transmission, and indeed every box of medical masks one buys at the store specifically disclaims this purpose.* You also know that masking is extremely detrimental to one’s mental health, as well as to the linguistic and emotional development of children. Second of all, what kind of virtue signaling dystopian hell portal have we fallen into when wearing a useless, bacteria-ridden face rag (under the chin, half of the time) shows “respect” for others?? In my world, I show respect to people by presuming they are not abject idiots who need to be handled with kid gloves by presenting a false, but potentially soothing, reality. In effect, you are lulling these mask-wearing “science deniers” into an unfounded sense of security by indicating they should continue to rely on what equates to a child’s pacifier.

  • And, speaking of respect, hahahahahahaha. Good one. For the past year, you have encouraged people to vilify and exclude me from society, and accused me of being antisocial and anti-science, simply because, as a recent cancer survivor (and critical thinker) I am extremely hesitant to accept an experimental treatment that has anecdotally** been shown to increase one’s chance of a recurrence, as well as cause numerous other health issues. Now, you are asking me to be tolerant of others in society who reject “the science”? One can only laugh. Luckily for you, of course, most of us “anti-vaxxers” (who, by the way, are up-to-date on all other vaccinations) have been patient, tolerant and accepting which is, of course, why you have managed to ostracize us, castigate us and treat us like second-class citizens for over a year with few repercussions.

  • You indicated in yesterday’s press conference that the vaccine passport (aka unlawful discrimination of healthy, tax-paying citizens program) will be extended for another month. Care to send me any data showing that this mandate is justified on the basis of “public health”? Because the data I keep reviewing indicate that the vaccinated make up a disproportionate number of both COVID-19 cases, and severe illnesses. The data also show that transmission of this virus has skyrocketed since you banned healthy, functional, able members from society for daring to exercise their Charter right to bodily autonomy.

I’d like to take this time to remind you of your fiduciary duty to the public as a government official. As you are aware, as a fiduciary, you have a duty to the public to act honestly, in good faith, and strictly in the best interests of the public. Have you been honest to the public? Have you disclosed any and all of your conflicts of interest with regard to providing COVID-19 vaccine and other recommendations? Have you advised those who have trusted you for medical advice of any orders you have received from the provincial or federal governments to manipulate their behaviour? And, have you been paid by any government entity, pharmaceutical manufacturer or other corporate entity to either suppress information that would negatively affect vaccine uptake, or advocate for the citizens of British Columbia to accept this vaccine, even when they are not at risk of COVID-19 or have underlying health conditions that may be a contraindication for this treatment? Have you acted in the best interests of the citizens of British Columbia at all times? Is inciting hatred against healthcare workers acting in their best interests, or society’s? Is adopting the federal government’s twisted psychological operative to manipulate citizens into accepting an experimental treatment in society’s best interest?

As you are aware, a breach of fiduciary duty subjects one to punitive damages on an individual basis. Given your unflagging confidence and lack of remorse, I’m assuming that you have been promised indemnification by the Province of British Columbia for any of the actions you have taken over the past few years. As a lawyer, I’d like to advise you that any such agreement is void against public policy, and offers you no protection in the event of a lawsuit.

Finally, I’d like to comment on your veiled threat that you will be re-imposing restrictions on society in the fall when flu season kicks in. In 2020, when you promised us “two weeks to flatten the curve”, I was one of those credulous idiots who told the “conspiracy theorists” not to make waves because we were all supporting the greater good, and should be happy to make a short-term sacrifice for society. Thanks to your unrelenting tyranny and shifting of the goalposts over the past two years, I, and thousands like me, will never forget the deception and corruption, nor will we ever submit to any violations of our fundamental freedoms, ever again. I’d highly suggest you stop threatening the good people of British Columbia with further Charter violations, especially as we work through all of our Freedom of Information requests to your government this summer.

MLAs: I have cc’d you as it is time to revise provincial legislation to ensure that this government may never, ever, ever infringe upon our basic rights. This is especially true where no scientific justification for the abuse of BC’s citizens has ever been produced by any government official, despite countless requests for this data by numerous individuals (including highly esteemed doctors and researchers). Please remember to whom you owe your loyalty during this time: not Mr. Horgan, not your political party, and not Big Pharma. You owe only a duty to your constituents, and you have all failed in this duty for the past two years.

BC RCMP: I have cc’d you as well. As you are likely aware, whistleblowers in the US are coming forward to disclose that government officials, at all levels, have been suppressing scientific data to support the COVID-19 narrative. As you are also aware, the net worth of many US government officials increased exponentially over the course of this pandemic. Have you initiated an investigation to determine whether Canadian officials were similarly compromised and financially enriched? If not, I request you do so.

*Please advise if you need links to any studies, or documentation for any of the statements I have made herein.

**Once we see all of Pfizer’s trial record data, we shall confirm these occurrences are anything but anecdotal.

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