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No Home Equity Tax

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: April 21, 2022 1:40 PM To: Cc:;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: No Home Equity Tax

Good afternoon Tracy,

I understand that the Liberal Government just spent another $200,000 of taxpayer funds in order for the University of British Columbia to explain to the CMHC the implications of the $250,000 Home Equity Tax Report it previously commissioned. I know I have emailed you about this before, but I would like to reiterate my vehement opposition to the Liberals imposing yet another tax on funds that have previously been taxed. I am thoroughly disgusted with our current political regime, in which there is only one answer for governmental waste, mismanagement and corruption: further taxation and abuse of the citizenry.

To recap, the federal government currently taxes all Canadians the following amounts:

  • Depending on one’s income, one’s highest tax rate is between 15% and 33% of his or her income.

  • Corporations also incur an additional tax, up to 28%.

  • GST of 5% tax on “non-basic foods”, like vegetables, plant-based milks, hot food (even if the cold version is non-taxable), food platters (regardless of content), salted (but not unsalted) nuts, granola bars (but not if classified as “cereal”), single-serving size food and beverages (regardless of “type”), and so on. Of course, GST is also charged for such luxuries as toilet paper, housing, vehicle purchases and utilities: Because everyone knows that housing, reliable transportation and utilities in Canada in February are all non-essential.

  • Further GST and excise taxes on cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis, etc. (keeping in mind that the manufacturers of such products have also paid billions in licensing, permitting, taxes, etc.) – these amount to over 50% of the product price in some cases.

  • The federal carbon tax, which is expected to comprise 24% of one’s gasoline bill by 2030.

  • A plethora of other taxes/licensing fees/application fees/etc., etc. in order to participate in society.

I haven’t bothered to do the math on the actual percentage of federal taxes that my family pays every year, but I would hazard a guess that it vastly exceeds 60% of our take-home salaries – it would be more, but since we currently can’t take a flight or a train ride, and were banned from restaurants and movie theaters for 6 months due to illegal governmental discrimination based on our medical status, we have saved some money – what a silver lining. I also haven’t addressed all of the additional taxes that the citizens of BC enjoy as well. As you are aware, we have our own sales tax, carbon tax, property transfer tax, and God knows what other taxes I have forgotten about.

As per usual, I am disgusted at the ease with which the Liberals scheme to spend more and more of our hard-earned money as they give themselves automatic annual pay raises and use private jets to ostensibly represent Canadians around the world. Please tell Mr. Trudeau (and his lapdog, Mr. Singh) that the taxpayers do not consent to this blatant abuse of power, especially when it comes from the least popular, and least accountable, Canadian prime minister (and government) ever. Finally, Junior has surpassed his pater at something!

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