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Myocarditis risk after vaccination

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: January 5, 2022 11:14 AM To:; Cc:;;;; Singh, Jagmeet - M.P. <>;;; Gray, Tracy - M.P. <> Subject: Myocarditis risk after vaccination

Drs. Tam and Henry,

Just a friendly reminder that your tyrannical “health” mandates are killing young, vital people. I point you to this study: According to researchers in the UK, the risk of a man under 40 experiencing post-vaccine myocarditis doubles after each Pfizer shot, to an eight times baseline risk for boosted individuals. Although there were not enough data to calculate the risk for boosted Moderna receivers, the risk after the second shot for these individuals is 16-fold. In reviewing the study further, it appears that 14% of those hospitalized for myocarditis within four weeks of receiving their Pfizer shot died. I wonder what the numbers will be like after boosters number 4 and 5? (Just kidding! We all know they will be terrible but God forbid we stop the mass genocide now when so many people are profiting so handsomely.)

Of course, these are just the numbers for men under 40. We know from other studies that, as the age of vaccinees drops, the risk of myocarditis increases, so we can safely assume that younger people have a higher risk of vaccine-induced death than that documented by this study.

I also point you to this article: I’m sure a 40% increase in deaths in young people is just a teeny, tiny blip on the radar … notwithstanding that the insurers are sounding the alarm over this statistically unprecedented situation.

I’m cc’ing my two alma maters, which have both gravely disappointed me in their blanket adoption of a dangerous and short-sighted vaccine mandate for young adults, many of whom are under the age of consent. Just a reminder that, when the mass formation psychosis ends, each administrator responsible for perpetrating these crimes against humanity will likely be charged with Nuremberg Code violations. I am, of course, especially disappointed in UCLA School of Law as this is the institution that ostensibly taught me the importance of constitutional freedoms. Apparently the founding fathers are no match for woke-ism.

I’m also cc’ing our political leaders. Last week, Mr. Trudeau accused those who didn’t embrace vaccine mandates as “racist” and “misogynistic”. Who knew I would live to see that day that questioning a blanket edict issued by a tyrannical (and minority) dictator would apparently mean that, as a female, I hate myself. My body, my choice – what a quaint concept, a remnant from days of yore. I suppose if I try really, really hard, one day I can be as tolerant as Mr. Trudeau, who has painted himself in blackface three (four? more?) times, and thrown more women under the bus from his cabinet than I have time to count.

May you all have the day you deserve, and may you all reap the harvest you have so enthusiastically, and willfully, sown.

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