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"MP wants more for Ukraine"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: April 6, 2022 11:42 AM To: Cc:;;;;; Subject: "MP wants more for Ukraine"

Mr. Caputo,

As a resident of Kelowna, I am not your constituent. However, as a BC taxpayer, I would argue that you owe me a greater responsibility than you do to the citizens of the Ukraine, so I believe I am entitled to address your comments of yesterday. As I understand it, you have asked Ms. Anand and Ms. Joly to supply the Ukraine with more weapons and supplies in order to “save each and every Ukrainian life”.

I understand that, prior to your appointment to the House of Commons last fall, you were a Crown prosecutor. I assume this means you are familiar with the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and I’d like to ask you the following:

  • Where have you been for the past two years as Canadian businesses have been ruined by unreasonable and unfair governmental lockdowns?

  • Where have you been for the past two years as healthy people were “quarantined” for the first time in recorded history, in contravention of everything virologists and epidemiologists know about preventing the transmission of viruses?

  • Where have you been for the past two years as suicide, overdose and domestic abuse rates have skyrocketed due to governmental lockdowns and restrictions?

  • Where have you been for the past year as Canadians have been discriminated against due to their private medical decisions?

  • Where have you been for the past two years as Canadians have been unlawfully prohibited from exercising their Charter rights and freedoms of peaceful protest, domestic and international travel, and religion?

  • Where have you been for the past year as 6,000,000 unvaccinated Canadians have been vilified and castigated by the Liberal Government?

  • Where exactly do you think Canada is going to find the money to support the freedoms of the citizens of another country, when this country’s current debt is $1,193,743,555,000?

  • Why does it appear that saving “each and every Ukrainian life” is a more important priority for you than saving “each and every Canadian life”?

As an unvaccinated Canadian, I have been attacked, persecuted and vilified by all levels of government for the past year. Mr. Trudeau has questioned whether I should be “tolerated” by society, and Dr. Henry has accused me of causing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, notwithstanding that all I have done is exercise my religious freedom and use my critical thinking skills to assess my risk of dying from a virus that targets the elderly and infirm. And you have said nothing to question this hateful rhetoric, or to analyze the underlying facts, motives and conflicts of interest that have skewed the past few years of policy-making. The only thing with which I can agree in your request to the Federal Government is that Canada should, indeed, be supporting its oil and gas industry instead of strengthening Mr. Trudeau’s stock portfolio which, as I understand it, is chock-full of Russian and Venezuelan oil shares.

Please stop virtue-signaling and trying to send more of my future grandchildrens’ paycheques to foreign countries, instead of upholding your oath to your constituents to support their interests (and Charter rights), and to make Canada a strong democracy with a bright economic future for all.

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