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"Mixing with unvaccinated increases COVID-19 risk for vaccinated people, study finds"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: April 25, 2022 11:47 AM To:;;; BRODIE FENLON <>; Cc:; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <> Subject: "Mixing with unvaccinated increases COVID-19 risk for vaccinated people, study finds"

Mainstream Media,

I don’t usually email you to critique the asinine articles you publish, but feel compelled to do so on this one for so many levels. Today, you all published a Canadian Press article citing Dr. Fisman’s study in the Canadian Medical Association Journal without offering your readers any background information or frame of reference with which to interpret Dr. Fisman’s comments. Let’s recap:

  • Dr. Fisman is an employee of the University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health (“DLSPH”), which, as we know, is funded by vaccine manufacturers, the World Health Organization, GAVI (also funded by vaccine manufacturers) and The Gates Foundation, amongst others.

  • The cited study also notes that “David Fisman has served on advisory boards related to . . . SARS-CoV-2 vaccines for . . .Pfizer [and] AstraZeneca Vaccines [and] [h]e also served as a volunteer scientist on the Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table” (an organization overseen by DLSPH).

  • The Ontario COVID-19 Science Advisory Table has been red-flagged by several groups for its acceptance of funding from Big Pharma over the past few years.

  • Dr. Fisman has made a career out of issuing (incorrect) doomsday modelling predictions for the past few years – the odds of one of his predictions being correct are right up there with our Prime Minister honouring the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Coincidentally, Mr. Fisman has also recently received several honorariums from Moderna and Pfizer (and God knows which other pharmaceutical manufacturers and governmental entities – if only one of you had any journalistic interest in following the money).

  • Dr. Tuite, the co-author of the study, is also employed by DLSPH.

I decided to do your jobs for you and, you know, actually read the study to understand its limitations. Upon a brief scan of this document, we learn that the authors “did not model waning immunity”. Are you kidding me? The only thing we actually know about the current suite of “vaccines”, is that immunity starts to wane months, if not weeks, after each dose. The authors also assume that 20% of the population is unvaccinated, notwithstanding that the Government keeps telling us that the number of unvaccinated is lower than that, and they further assume that the unvaccinated population has a 20% baseline immunity, even though the Government of Canada’s own data indicate this number is much, much higher. And, of course, the highlight of this study is the following statement: “[w]ith lower vaccine effectiveness, as observed with the Omicron variant, the effects of like-with-like mixing were attenuated [while] [w]ith either lower reproduction numbers or higher vaccine efficacy, transmission was more readily disrupted within the vaccinated subpopulation.” So to summarize Dr. Fisman’s study: Assuming that a high proportion of the population is unvaccinated, a low proportion of those people are immune to COVID-19 due to previous exposure, everyone is exposed to a vaccine-responsive variant, and vaccine efficacy lasts forever, we can expect that unvaccinated people will pose a statistically significant infection risk to the vaccinated. And of course, don’t forget to conflate “infection” with “severe disease”, for extra bonus fearmongering, and with complete disregard to the fact that the current data are so bad that each province has ceased reporting the differing infection and hospitalization rates of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated. This study really does demonstrate the old adage “sh*t in, sh*t out” when it comes to data analysis.

Dr. Fisman, your numerous conflicts of interest, in addition to your blatant endorsement of the party line that vaccine mandates are necessary to protect all of the good little communists from the evil critical thinkers, are disgusting. I’d say more, but after the years of bashing you have received on social media, it is abundantly clear that Pfizer bucks are much more important to you than being able to look at yourself in the mirror.

News agencies: I know being objective is hard, and that your puppet masters don’t appreciate it when you deviate from the script. However, maybe once (just once), one of you can tap into some deep abyss in your soul to pull out some integrity and objectivity? Also (and this is important): can we stop reiterating the completely nonsensical argument that the “unvaccinated” are responsible for illness in the “vaccinated”?? Can anyone appreciate how ridiculous an argument this is, or did the 4th jab release too many prions into each of your cerebra?

Yours in dollar sign and vomit emojis.

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