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Mission RCMP behaviour

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

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Sent: February 9, 2022 10:35 AM To: bcrcmp <> Cc:;;;;;;;;;;; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <> Subject: Mission RCMP behaviour

Good morning,

I’m writing to express my extreme disgust at the behaviour of the Mission RCMP in relation to a funeral that was hosted last month. To protect the innocent (and because I am publishing this online), I am not going to go into detail except to note the following:

  • People were gathered in a privately rented venue to lay their friend to rest after he passed away in a tragic accident earlier this year. His grieving wife, mother, sister and other friends and family were present, some of whom are not vaccinated.

  • The RCMP arrived to issue a ticket for $2400 to the organizer for violating COVID-19 health orders.

  • The COVID-19 health order allegedly violated was the “indoor personal gathering” restriction, which limits funerals not held at a funeral home to one household, plus 10 visitors, with everyone being vaccinated.

Pardon my French, but WTAF?? Have you read Dr. Henry’s health order? I’ve attached it for your edification purposes. Let’s disseminate Dr. Henry’s words of wisdom, shall we?

  • Page 1 – “[a] person with SARS-CoV-2 can infect other people”. Wonderful. If only someone at the funeral had been infected, in order to transmit this virus to the others. Presuming healthy, asymptomatic people are spreaders of a lethal disease is akin to insanity, or, at the very least, hypochondria.

  • Page 2 - the COVID-19 “vaccination is safe, highly effective, and the single most important preventive measure” to reduce risk of death and severe illness. Fantastic! Since 93% of British Columbians are vaccinated, per Dr. Henry, COVID-19 is no longer a health issue. And, let’s face it, since the remaining 7% of people aren’t even guaranteed rights and freedoms under the Canadian Constitution or Charter of Rights and Freedoms, who cares if they die, amirite?

  • Page 2 - “[u]nvaccinated people are at greater risk than vaccinated people of being infected with SARS-CoV-2”. Hmmmm. Have you check out the statistics lately? Granted, it is hard to find the data, because mainstream media hides articles addressing this as fast as it publishes them. However, please see my screenshot from Castanet yesterday, showing that 19.4% of COVID-19 “cases” for the past week were found in the unvaccinated. Keeping in mind that one is “unvaccinated” for the 14 days after vaccination, and then for a further 14 days if they test positive for COVID-19, this number is likely lower, which means statistically the unvaccinated are not at greater risk of being infected for COVID-19. But it’s a nice story, Bon Bon.

  • Page 2 – “[a]bsent vaccination, British Columbia would be in a far more challenging situation than the fragile balance our current immunization rates have provided”. Errrrrmmmm … COVID-19 “cases” and hospitalizations are at an all-time high, and have been ever-climbing since the vaccine program was implemented, but let’s go ahead and praise the high vaccination rate for reducing the burden on our healthcare system?! And let’s not compare Canada to countries with lower vaccination rates (Africa? Japan?) that have less cases and deaths than us.

  • Page 3 – unvaccinated people “comprise the majority of hospitalizations and ICU admission” – well, according to Bonnie’s numbers, the unvaccinated comprise 26.3% of hospitalizations “with” COVID-19. I’ve submitted several FOIP requests to the BC Government to request data on the demographics of hospital patients and I know you are going to be shocked that I have yet to receive a response. However, data around the world show that one is statistically at risk of dying from COVID-19 only when he or she has multiple comorbidities, and is over 80 years of age. Perhaps one day Bonnie will admit to that – that process of course, could be expedited by an arrest and the filing of criminal charges.

  • Page 4 – “[g]atherings and events pose a risk of promoting the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 … and increasing the number of people who develop COVID-19 and become seriously ill and who may die”. Oh look – another unsubstantiated statement from our science followers! Who needs citations to medical journals when we can just throw out allegations to scare the masses and keep them compliant? You will note that, even studies on air travel show that the odds of COVID-19 transmission are remote – and as we are all aware, social distancing on an airplane is impossible.

  • Page 4 – “[p]rograms that require that proof of vaccination be provided have been shown to increase vaccination uptake in populations” – so, an admission that the vaccine mandates have been implemented to coerce people into accepting a medical treatment? Is the Mission RCMP still enforcing any real laws? Because this seems like an abuse of power and, oh, I don’t know – just spit-balling here – a violation of the Nuremberg Code? Anyone in your department want to take a crack at arresting our public health officers and politicians for strong-arming people into accepting a gene-altering treatment in order to participate in society?

  • Page 4 – “[r]outine COVID-19 testing of asymptomatic people is not recommended [because it] increases the likelihood of generating false positive tests.” ROFLMAO – okay, so we don’t actually know who, of the people who have tested positive for COVID-19, actually has this virus, but we are going to assume that they are all sick. Especially the healthy ones. The logic is truly dizzying.

  • Page 5 – “I recognize the societal effects, including the hardships [of these restrictions]”. No, Bonnie, you don’t. Suicide rates, overdoses, domestic abuse cases, are all astronomically high due to the psychological operative that has been inflicted on all members of society, but at least no one is dying of COVID-19. Oh, wait.

  • Page 5 – “I further recognize that constitutionally protected interests include the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms . . .”. No Bonnie, you really, really don’t. But the RCMP should.

  • Page 5 – “I recognize privacy interests and the interests protected by the Human Rights Code” – except that there are practically no exemptions allowed for disabilities, religion or personal beliefs, so that statement is just a tad trite.

  • Page 6 – “This Order does not apply [to] funeral services wherever they may occur and funeral receptions held at a funeral home”. Because, obviously, science. Funerals in a funeral home = safe! Funerals not in a funeral home = plague spreaders!

I understand that there is a presumption that Dr. Henry is not a paid Pfizer/global WEF shill. I also understand that she is, allegedly, the “expert” on COVID-19. However, can we please just call out the facts that are obvious even to laypeople? The death rate in BC has not significantly changed over the past few years (well, until recently – but that is a separate mRNA vaccine discussion) so there is no evidence that this province is currently in either an “emergency” or a pandemic – nor has British Columbia or the federal government actually declared an emergency situation.

The BC Government has continued to lie and move goalposts over the past two years in order to encroach on its citizens’ freedoms and, instead of the RCMP standing up for said citizens, or even turning a blind eye when enforcement is morally wrong, it seems to have embraced the role of hired goon. To interrupt a funeral – a sacred, religious event that is constitutionally protected, notwithstanding an unelected official’s high-jacking of due process – to issue a ticket under a health order that, on its face, is illogical and discriminatory, is so very despicable and cowardly. I can’t even express my disgust at this situation, except to state that, when all of the conflicts of interest, deception and fraud come to light (no thanks to the RCMP, apparently), I hope you will realize your role as pawns in this tragedy – and with any luck, some of you will have humility and regret.

May none of you ever experience the situation you created for this group of bereaved citizens, who simply wanted to honour a beautiful life that ended too soon. If you would like to issue an apology to the gathering (which, incidentally, had no outbreak of COVID-19 at any time after this event), and refund the ticket, please contact me for details regarding the above.

Have a karmic day,


From: bcrcmp <> Sent: February 9, 2022 11:50 AM Subject: RE: Mission RCMP behaviour

Good morning

We received your email and have forwarded it to the Mission detachment commander for awareness and follow up.

Thank you



Sent: Wednesday, February 9, 2022 11:52 AM To: bcrcmp <> Subject: RE: Mission RCMP behaviour

Much appreciated. I am very concerned about a world in which orders are enforced without empathy or common sense factoring into the equation. I have always supported law enforcement, but watching what is happening in Ontario, and hearing from my friend what the Mission RCMP did, makes it extremely difficult to maintain this stance.

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