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Mirtha Rivera

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: February 17, 2022 3:37 PM To: BRODIE FENLON <>; CBC Ombud <> Subject: Mirtha Rivera


I am writing to commend you on your dogged ability to skew any story in order to promote our fascist government. Today you published a (satirical?) opinion piece by Mirtha Rivera, a Chilean immigrant who fled the Pinochet regime and is now arguing that the Freedom Convoy is violating her freedoms. How did you find the one immigrant in Canada who fled from a dictatorship and can’t recognize the similarity between said dictatorship and Mr. Trudeau’s illegal overreach? Did none of the Romanian, Polish, Russian, Chinese or Tibetan immigrants you called pick up the phone? (Just kidding, we know the answer – Ms. Rivera ticks all of the CBC boxes – an SLGBTQ immigrant who, guaranteed, has some fancy pronouns and is completely humourless.)

Just a reminder that Mr. Pinochet: suppressed political critics, censored entertainment, funneled money to the elites and committed embezzlement and tax fraud. Remind you of anyone in our current government?

I am in awe. You have truly mastered the art of being unironic.

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