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"Mild Inconvenience"

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: January 20, 2022 11:02 AM To: '' <> Subject: "Mild Inconvenience"

Dear Sir or Madam,

I write in response to Ms. Pegg’s argument that lockdowns are a “mild inconvenience”. Ms. Pegg makes the argument, much like most of Castanet’s journalists, that the “unvaccinated people are still taking up valuable services”. I’m not sure how anyone can make this argument when Castanet’s own reporting shows that, as of January 18, 2022, the unvaccinated made up 286 (26.9%) of hospitalizations in BC while the vaccinated comprise 776 hospitalization cases (73.1%). This is in addition to data coming out of Alberta that shows that the boosted are 400% more at risk of death than the twice vaccinated.

Ms. Pegg will argue that the unvaccinated hospitalization cases make up a disproportionate number of admissions based on the percentage of vaccinated persons in society, but let’s keep in mind that the most likely time for a person to contract COVID-19 is the two weeks after one’s first vaccine (when one is counted as “unvaccinated” by the BC government, but the vaccination is clearly a temporal cause of such illness), and that the province of BC has admitted that it cannot determine who is in the hospital “with” COVID-19 as opposed to “due to” COVID-19 so it’s numbers are deliberately inflated. Let’s also keep in mind that the highest risk category for death from COVID-19 at present is the vaccinated over 70 years of age.

Given the deliberate obfuscation of the definitions of “unvaccinated”, “partially vaccinated” and “fully vaccinated” and its admission that it is not tracking the relevant data, it is clear that the current administration does not want its citizens to have access to all of the information that would allow them to make educated assessments of their individual risks and benefits of taking each vaccination and booster.

As an aside, I find it really cute how a majority of Castanet’s readers trust Big Government and Big Pharma. I wonder if Castanet would like to run a story about Pfizer’s history of fraud and corruption in marketing vaccines, as well as its active attempts to hide vaccine side effects throughout the history of its “vaccine” programs? Better yet, how about a conflict of interest investigation into the current administrators and their ties to the vaccine manufacturers? (Maybe start with the BC COVID-19 Modelling Group as this organization doesn’t even attempt to hide its members’ conflicts of interest.)

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