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Mental Health Issues - COVID-19 Restrictions

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 1, 2022 10:35 AM To: bcrcmp <>;;;; Cc:; Sheldon Yakiwchuk <> Subject: Mental Health Issues - COVID-19 Restrictions

Supt. Triance, Dr. Henry et al:

I point you to some recent news articles from Castanet:

“Police trying to be proactive: Four of five recent Central Okanagan murders related to mental health struggles” - This article states that Supt. Triance has noted “[a] marked increase in calls related to violence and mental health issues over the past 24 months [which] is of concern”, and reports that the RCMP “have [sic] also been asking for an increase in crisis mental health teams in the region”.

“RDCO hosts poverty forum” – This article notes that “[o]ne in six children and 15 per cent of the total population in the Central Okanagan live in poverty. The rising cost of living has pushed up demand at food banks and housing costs are leaving many out in the cold.”

“Social issues concern cops” – “According to year-over-year figures there was a significant increase in ‘social disorder’ calls from the downtown area between 2019 and 2021.” This article notes that non-fatal drug overdose calls increased 74.4% over this time period, while fatal calls increased 77.8%, qualifying these figures by admitting that not all overdoses are recorded, as police are not always called to the scene. Noting that domestic assaults, sexual offenses, property related offences and break and enters have all increased by at least 33%, Supt. Triance admits that some of these increases were “anticipated as they relate to the effect COVID-19 has had on personal, familial and community conditions . . .”

Thank you Supt. Triance for acknowledging the root problem: The BC Government’s heavy-handed and unscientific COVID-19 restrictions have destroyed our social fabric, not only in the Okanagan but throughout this province. While none of the articles provides us with an exact figure for restriction-related deaths, and understanding that, assuming Dr. Henry eventually lifts these restrictions, the fallout will still be felt for years to come, it is safe to assume that BC has, and will continue to suffer, more deaths, illnesses and societal destruction due to these restrictions than it ever sustained from the COVID-19 virus.

All of these issues were predicted by mental health experts and anthropologists in 2019; humans are social creatures and many studies show that restricting their abilities to interact with others has a drastic effect on their mental and physical health. Depriving citizens of their constitutional right to earn a living and support their families, illegally “quarantining” healthy people, accusing asymptomatic citizens of being “superspreaders” of a deadly disease, and instilling fear in the populace by failing to admit that most COVID-19 deaths occur in vulnerable populations with multiple co-morbidities, have all been systematic assaults on the mental welfare of the residents of British Columbia.

Every other Canadian province, all territories but one, and the majority of countries throughout the world (including almost all of the United States, even those states that had the most draconian of lockdown measures) have admitted that COVID-19 restrictions (including masking, social distancing, segregation passports and other measures with no basis in science) need to be revoked immediately. Notwithstanding all evidence to the contrary, however, Dr. Henry and crew continue to charge ahead to ensure that BC’s mental health and economic crises last just a little bit longer. Once again, I point you to this tragedy that is unfolding in real time, and implore you to immediately end all COVID-19 restrictions forever, with the understanding that (a) this virus is now endemic, and (b) every measure the Government of BC has taken to protect its citizens over the past two years has had the effect of harming them far more than any virus ever could have done.

Every overdose, every rape, every beaten spouse and every suicide is a direct result of your inhumanity and inability to admit you have made an egregious mistake by worshiping at the COVID-19 altar. I honestly don’t know how any of you sleep at night.

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