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Medical segregation

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: August 3, 2021 11:36 AM To: Subject: Medical segregation

Mr. Basran,

I read that you recently made a media statement telling unvaccinated people to “stay from [Kelowna]”. As a Kelowna resident, I need to express my deep concern with City Council’s lack of critical thinking skills and apparent ignorance as to how viruses spread, as well as the data relating to this particular virus.

  1. You know as well as I do that masks do not work to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Decades of studies by scientists (including Dr. Tony Fauci, who appears to be clinically unable to speak out of just one side of his mouth) have shown they do not affect transmission of viruses at all. This makes sense, given that the relative size of a virus to the size of a hole in a piece of cloth is miniscule. We also know that masks don’t work, because for the past 17 months mask mandates have done nothing to reduce the rates of Covid-19. Masks are, however, extremely effective at increasing the rates of bacterial infection in a population, as well as reducing oxygen to one’s brain. They are also a very handy psychological symbol of the compliant.

  2. You also know, or should know, that the “vaccine” was not tested by its manufacturers for reduction of virus transmission. The various manufacturers only tested their vaccines for reduction of severe symptoms, and their relative risk reduction is approximately 1%. Data being collected from Israel, the US, Gibraltar and the UK clearly indicate that vaccinated people cannot only spread this virus, but actually seem to be vectors of more severe disease. Pfizer has recently announced that its “vaccine” already needs a booster shot in order to maintain its efficacy. How anyone can look at this data and not realize that a multi-billion dollar company is milking this “pandemic” for its own personal gain is beyond me.

  3. You also know that several people in Kelowna have died or had severe adverse effects after receiving the “vaccine”. Apparently these deaths are acceptable as collateral damage to City Council. Eminent epidemiologists have assessed the risk of the vaccine to young people as fifty times higher than the risk that Covid-19 poses to them.

  4. There is no test to isolate the Covid-19 virus, or the allegedly virulent “Delta” variant. The CDC itself recently announced that the PCR test has failed its review and will have Emergency Use Authorization revoked at the end of this year. Therefore, the whole premise of lockdowns/mask mandates/vaccine passports etc. based on this test is a house of cards that government officials seem desperate to continue to prop up.

  5. “Cases” do not equal “infections” per the above, and you know this. Pointing to a growing number of cases from a faulty test that cannot distinguish between the flu and the Coronavirus is disingenuous, and appears to be in line with the government’s attempt at psychologically manipulating and shaming people into compliance.

  6. Data indicate that the risk of a healthy person without co-morbidities dying of this disease is lower than the flu. I don’t recall you at any time over the course of your tenure as mayor telling vacationers who have not had their flu shot to avoid Kelowna in the middle of summer when seasonality would dictate a very low rate of viral infection?

  7. It is not your place, or any government official’s place, to decide who should be vaccinated. This is a private conversation between a person and his or her doctor, and your judgment of anyone’s private medical decision is overreaching and grotesque.

  8. Last of all, I would like to point to your inherent racism in attempting to ban unvaccinated people, who studies have shown are more likely to be minorities.

If you need any information regarding the above, I am happy to provide it. I am so tired of this government tyranny that has been imposed for the past 17 months, and seems to be snowballing. Please rest assured that, while in the short-term toeing Dr. Bonnie’s line seems to be wise, at some point the lies will become even too much for mainstream media and politicians to spew. It is at that point that everyone who has been complicit in this tyranny will be adjudicated, starting with the petty dictators who stole our freedoms.

Also, as an aside, can you please have someone from your office send me a copy of Dr. Bonnie Henry’s latest order mandating masks in Kelowna? I have requested this from the Ministry of Health but have not received a response, and it does not appear to be available online either.

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