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"Mature Minor Consent"

Updated: May 30, 2022

Sent: May 25, 2021 3:31 PM To: Cc:;;; John Wright ( <> Subject: "Mature Minor Consent"

Dr. Henry,

The fact that you are encouraging children, who society has adjudicated to be lacking the mental capacity to enter into a binding contract, to consent to an experiment treatment without parental approval or knowledge is unethical and a violation of the Nuremburg Code, as well as the oaths that you purportedly have taken as a physician.

The Hippocratic Oath requires that physicians first, do no harm. As you are very well aware, the odds of a healthy child dying from Covid-19 in Canada are, for all intents and purposes, 0%. Notwithstanding this incontrovertible fact, you have been integral in creating an unwarranted fear in society such that people are clamoring to obtain these experimental and unnecessary treatments to avoid what amounts to a mild flu in children. You also know that, as of last week, the number of children who had died in the US from this experimental treatment was at 63. I’d imagine that number will double or triple in the next week as widespread vaccinations of this demographic occur.

How many children do you think will die, or be left with lifelong issues relating to heart disease, infertility, auto-immune issues, etc. due to your statement? I think this is probably a good calculation for you to make at this point, because I want to remind you that while Pfizer, Moderna and the rest are all immune from prosecution for vaccine injuries, you are not. How much is a child’s life worth? Is it worth as much as your winery? Or your house? What if 10, or 20, or 1000 children die in British Columbia from vaccine injuries? At what point will you be prosecuted criminally for knowingly and baselessly exposing innocent children to a risk that should not be theirs to bear?

I have reached out to you before, and I know you don’t care about my opinion, or of the many doctors and lawyers across the country who think you are acting criminally. It’s unfortunate that you clearly have not consulted with counsel to protect yourself from criminal and civil prosecution; on the other hand, it is very comforting to me that your bank account will at some point be accessed to pay for the vaccine injuries that you have promulgated.

I hope you have the day that you deserve.

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