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"Man's Obituary Calls On People to Mask Up, Get COVID Shots"

Sent: November 14, 2022 10:09 AM To:; BRODIE FENLON <> Subject: "Man's Obituary Calls On People to Mask Up, Get COVID Shots"

Mr. Quenneville,

I read your “news” story this morning and, although I usually resist the urge to call out blatant fatuousness and bias, couldn’t let this story go. I understand you think that CBC readers are gullible, but surely even this one is over the top for the less than 4% of Canadians who still believe the CBC has any credibility?

As you reported, one of the last acts of “Perry Handleman, a chronically ill man who recently died in hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19”, was to implore the good people of Ontario to “keep their vaccines up to date and wear masks in indoor spaces to stay safe”. Your article further reports that Mr. Handleman had received “at least four” jabs. It also notes he suffered from COPD, was a retired painter (who had presumably inhaled a multitude of toxic chemicals over his lifetime), smoked cigarettes and, when not living in his mobile home, was “in and out of the hospital” many times due to underlying health conditions.

First of all, two thumbs down for your lazy reporting. How many jabs did Mr. Handleman actually receive? Five? Six? Was he on the frequent jabber program (free coffee for the 10th shot)? When did he receive his last “vaccine”? As the CBC is more than aware, the most likely time for one to contract COVID-19 is within two weeks of receiving the jab; how do we know that the COVID-19 vaccine did not, in fact, kill Mr. Handleman? And, given that Mr. Handleman was “current” on his COVID-19 vaccines, is his demise really an argument for everyone else to get another round of spike protein goodness?

Regardless of the timing of Mr. Handleman’s last jab, we are all aware that the “vaccines” were never tested for efficacy on immuno- (and lung-) compromised patients like Mr. Handleman, so whether the vaccine did anything for Mr. Handleman’s state (besides, potentially, expediting his demise) cannot be proven. We also know that Mr. Handleman, given his compromised health and reduced lung capacity, was in effect a ticking time bomb. If “Covid” didn’t kill him, it would have been influenza, pneumonia or a common cold (or, of course, lung cancer, since Mr. Handleman cared so much about his health that he kept smoking cigarettes after his grim prognosis).

As you also know, most masks currently being worn by the virus-averse do not actually prevent viral transmission. They do, however, promote fear and paranoia, which, of course is the goal of every tyrannical government. In Mr. Handleman’s case, the combination of COPD and medical masking likely made him hypoxic toward the end of life (which would explain his decision to keep on lining up for a jab that clearly does not work). Clearly, the definition of insanity.

Please stop mocking the Canadian public with these ridiculous morality tales; the vast majority of Canadians are at absolutely no risk of dying from COVID-19, nor do they have any need to take any special preventative measures to avoid viral infection. As evidenced by the increased rates of RSV in Ontario at present, any effort by society to prevent viral transmission generally has an equal and opposite effect of creating yet a larger outbreak in the general population when said measures completely fail.

I look forward to your follow up report, wherein you have a crisis of conscience and report on how the media killed Mr. Handleman, first by convincing him to receive “at least” four doses of an experimental treatment that was never tested on his demographic, and then by isolating him and creating such a state of fear in his psyche that his immune system failed completely.

Looking forward to Nuremberg 2! Although the “naughty” list is getting a bit unwieldy.

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