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"Liberals, NDP reach deal to keep minority government in power til 2025"

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Sent: March 22, 2022 9:05 AM To:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Cannings, Richard - M.P. <>;;;;;;; Cc:;;;;; Subject: "Liberals, NDP reach deal to keep minority government in power til 2025"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thankfully, I am not a constituent of any of your ridings; however I feel compelled to reach out to each of you as a citizen of this once great country. I read the referenced announcement by Justin Trudeau last night and note that apparently Mr. Trudeau is now authorized to speak on behalf of the NDP Party? I guess that is right, since he has spent the past 7 years bribing your leader for that honour. Just a reminder to any of you who may still have a conscience (doubtful, at this point, I know), that Canadians are still disgusted that your party chose a person with foreign terrorism ties as your leader. However, Mr. Singh’s extremist connections have proven to be the least of his moral failings over the past seven years as he has enabled government corruption, indulged in some conflicts of interest of his own, and made a mockery of the memory of Jack Layton.

I’m not sure why Mr. Trudeau felt the need to announce your allegiance to his party last night; it has been abundantly clear to anyone paying attention for the past seven years that Mr. Singh’s loyalty lies only with Mr. Trudeau, and not to this country. Just a reminder that each of you, as a Member of Parliament, has the following duties:

  • Legislating in Parliament;

  • Representing your riding and political party; and

  • Serving your constituents’ needs.

Can each of you honestly say you are upholding any of these duties? Aiding and abetting the Liberal Party in running up this country’s debt to destroy the average Canadians’ financial stability and “build back better”, trampling on each citizens’ Charter rights and freedoms in the name of public health, and willfully destroying this country through harmful energy and other policies (and the never-ending increasing of taxes, again to destroy the average Canadian), are all direct breaches of your fiduciary duties to your constituents. As each of you is also aware, neither Mr. Singh nor Mr. Trudeau have any allegiance to Canada. They are both World Economic Forum puppets who have been placed in their positions because the TikTok generation is easily swayed by Jagmeet crying in the shower and flaunting his ill-begotten wares on social media in direct violation of Canadian law.

I have no words, except to remind each and every one of you that you are actively supporting Canada’s enemies in their destruction of our once-beautiful and strong country. Unfortunately, with your party supporting Mr. Trudeau’s blatant attack on Canada and democracy, it is debatable whether Canada will even be standing in 2025 when Canadians next have the opportunity to voice their disgust at this broken and corrupt political system (the same one that Mr. Trudeau promised to fix in 2015 – remember that?).

May karma touch each and every one of you today.

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