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Liberal Hypocrisy

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Sent: August 5, 2022 12:06 PM To:;; Cc: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;;;; Subject: Liberal Hypocrisy

Good afternoon Messrs Trudeau, Alghabra and Duclos,

I’m not sure why I feel compelled to contact you to point out more Liberal Hypocrisy ™, but here we are … again (or, more accurately, still!)! Let’s recap:

  • Mr. Trudeau is currently on vacation in Costa Rica for two weeks after dis-embowelling the Canadian travel industry, first by strong-arming airlines to do his dirty work and discriminate against critically thinking Canadians (aka a small fringe minority of racist, antisocial extremists who deserve consequences and should not be tolerated), and then by implementing the similarly unconstitutional and bureaucracy-laden ArriveCan app. One would think he would support local after attacking the quality of the life of the common he/she/it/they/them, but no, in the middle of summer when the weather is perfect in Canada, he’s supporting another country’s economy, and presumably working on his surfing skills. I guess I should just be grateful that while he is vacationing he can’t further destroy this country? And, in that case, might I suggest Mr. Trudeau extend his vacation? That is one taxpayer expense I’d happily shoulder.

  • Mr. Trudeau, after hiking the carbon tax to the point that ordinary Canadians can barely fill their gas tanks in order to drive to work to keep funding the Liberal/NDP coalition’s pipe dreams whilst inflation eats away at their savings, has taken a private, gas guzzling, super polluting jet at the taxpayer’s expense. Mr. Trudeau, you’re welcome! My generosity clearly knows no bounds.

  • Mr. Trudeau, after making sure that us peasants are masked in a plane lest we breathe our Covid-laden proletariat carbon dioxide on our fellow serfs (I mean, unless we’re eating, drinking or holding a pretzel - #science), remains unmasked on taxpayer-funded transportation. Never mind that every other country has abandoned masking and vaccine requirements due to clear evidence pointing to their lack of utility.

  • Ironically, Costa Rica just announced that vaccine mandates are illegal – one would think that Mr. Trudeau would avoid any country that respects its citizens’ bodily autonomy. Might I suggest Shanghai as his next destination? Its track record of civil rights abuses is more up Mr. Trudeau’s alley.

I note that several news outlets broke the story this week that the federal travel mandates were imposed without any scientific justification. CBC for some reason failed to report this. I also note that non-mainstream media reported this week that more than half of the Liberal cabinet members don’t have any business experience. Of course, anyone who has watched you destroying this country for the past 7 years will not be surprised by that fact. And when the leader of the country is a part time drama teacher/full time narcissist, it’s no wonder that he has surrounded himself by people even more incompetent than himself to bolster his ego. The true sign of a leader!

I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to the next round of litigation regarding the mandates in the fall. The narrative is crumbling, and the fact that you are all desperately clinging onto it is destroying what little credibility remains for your party at mach speed.

As usual, I remain in awe at your staunch loyalty as Rome burns. And speaking of Nero, perhaps all of you should revisit that story – between the blaming of Christians and the ineffectual leadership, there are more than a few parallels to your current minority, reviled government 😊

I’ve cc’d Mr. Poilievre, our next Prime Minister. I certainly hope that once he is elected he defunds the CBC, implements the electoral reform that you promised (presumably with fingers crossed behind your back), and launches many, many, many investigations into your actions of the past decade.

Yours in SNC-Lavalin.

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