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Liberal Corruption - Part 418, 236

Sent: February 28, 2023 5:20 PM To: Cc:;;;;; Subject: Liberal Corruption - Part 418, 236

Mr. Trudeau,

I was planning to write you a long email documenting all of the ways in which your Liberal Party has allowed foreign influence in Canada over the past 7 (looooooong) years, of course culminating in the current CSIS report indicating your government was compromised in the last elections, but I think I have finally reached the conclusion that many reached before me: It’s hopeless. You have no loyalty to Canada, you have no moral compass, and you clearly have no ability to be humiliated.

To that end, I have cc’d the RCMP and the Governor General, as well as Mr. Jagmeet “Sellout” Singh. Yes, I am living in a dystopian nightmare where three known corrupted individuals and entities are the only chance Canada has of righting its course, prior to plummeting over the precipice into food rations and breadlines for everyone. Lest you think I am being hyperbolic, I have spoken with several people who grew up in communist Poland, and they agree Canada in 2023 is worse politically than what they experienced as children. Quite the achievement for all involved!

RCMP: I am hoping that you still feel quite guilty about your role in last year’s beatdown of desperate Canadians pleading with their government to be heard (aka the little emergency that wasn’t, according to CSIS and yourselves). To atone for your sins, please immediately launch into an investigation into all of Mr. Trudeau’s, and his party’s, unlawful activities, especially as they relate to undue influencing of election results, but please don’t forget all of the other scandals! Canadians still want to hear about Mr. Trudeau’s $2.5M Point Grey NDA, Acuitas/Pfizer kickbacks, etc.

Governor General: I think I understand where your confusion lies; when you were sworn in, you swore allegiance to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors. However, the taxpayers, not the Monarchy, pay for your generous salary (and even more generous benefits), so perhaps you could do us a solid and swear your allegiance to us, as well? You’ve already earned your lifetime $150,000 annual pension (adjusted for inflation, I am sure), as well as $206,000 per year of tax claims, so I’m not sure you need to worry about losing your job. Of course, if you terminate Mr. Trudeau via a non-confidence vote, I guarantee you that the taxpayers of Canada will probably nominate you for a wage increase, and sainthood (in due time).

Mr. Singh: I’m not sure what goes through your head at night, and at this point I am grateful that my mind can’t descend into those depths of licentiousness. I understand that, as a Sikh, your goal is to find enlightenment; I guarantee you that is not going to happen as long as you are an active and enabling assistant of this current, heinous regime.

Mr. Poilievre: unrelated to this, but since we are discussing nails in Canada’s coffin, you get an honourable mention for throwing your fellow cabinet members under the bus in order to lick Mr. Trudeau’s boots this week. I found that truly “vile”.

I know my words will most likely go on deaf ears. However, I leave you with this quote from Albert Einstein, along with a prayer that each of you awaken to the horrific betrayal that your complicity has caused to Canada: The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.

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