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Leave Santa Alone

Sent: December 28, 2022 2:26 PM To:;; PHAC Correspondence / Correspondance ASPC (PHAC/ASPC) <>; Cc: Gray, Tracy - M.P. <>;;;; Subject: Leave Santa Alone

Dr. Tam, Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Alghabra,

Last week I was forwarded these unfortunate videos by several friends: and In my interweb travels to review them, I was also reminded of this nightmare, wherein the Government of Canada, in 2021, checked to make sure Santa had a vaxx pass and ArriveCan App prior to entering Canadian airspace: Please forgive my French, but the only rational response to these blatant attempts at military-grade brainwashing is, of course, to say “WTAF???”.

Dr. Tam, let’s disseminate this most recent example of your CCP-style propaganda, being paid for, as per usual, by myself and my 38,000,000 friends who didn’t vote for you (and barely voted for your boss – no, not Xi Jinping … the other one), nor did we ask you to make veiled threats toward, or attempt to influence, our innocent children. As you know, in the video you have a riveting conversation with “Mrs. Claus” at the North Pole because the jolly fat man is doing “snow yoga” (aka avoiding your call), wherein she advises that all the children who “worked so hard to make the holidays safe and cheerful for all” have been added to Santa’s “nice list”. “Mrs. Claus” then advises that she and Santa are up to date on COVID-19 vaccinations (and boosters!) and practise all recommended COVID-19 practises like masking and “open[ing] a door or window at a few minutes at a time to let in some fresh air” when gathering in crowds.

  1. Did you seriously imply that only vaccinated, “snugly” masked children are on Santa’s “nice list”?? How, exactly, does emotionally blackmailing a child to accept an unnecessary and largely useless COVID-19 (and flu!) vaccine in order to receive a gift under the Christmas tree not make you a Grinch with a heart at least two times too small? Of course – if you’ve been vaccinated, your heart is most definitely not two times too small now, is it??

  2. And if you are the Grinch, does that make Sean Hartmann, Eric Homersham, Colton Windrem, and the other children who have died or been injured by the COVID-19 vaccine, Cindy Lou Who? The Grinch, of course, only stole Cindy Lou’s presents, and not their lives – so perhaps this isn’t a fair comparison to make? My apologies to the Grinch.

  3. As you know, Santa Claus (aka Saint Nicholas/Kris Kringle) was born around 280 AD in modern-day Turkey and, as a monk, gave away all of his inherited wealth and traveled the countryside to help the poor and sick. As his popularity spread, Nicholas also became known as the protector of children and sailors. I highly doubt St. Nick would be advocating for young children to be jabbed in order for him to hand over a gift. How dare you exploit the goodwill surrounding Santa Claus to promote your purely financial agenda? It is low – even for you and your office.

  4. Lol to opening doors and windows for a few minutes to get some fresh air. Here in Kelowna, we hit -35 Celsius over the holiday week, while it was even colder in other parts of the country. Do you think exposing Grandma to the Arctic blizzard is going to be less harmful to her health than exposing her to the common cold?

In regards to Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Alghabra’s gag-inducing acting attempts this year, Gentlemen, I commend you for at least not referencing Santa’s vaccine status. Baby steps! Mr. Alghabra, I think it might be a bit too on the nose for you to be starring in any espionage-themed Canadian productions though. Or can you confirm that you are no longer a dual citizen with questionable ties to undemocratic lands? Either way, please accept this as my heartfelt plea that you both stop urinating Canadian taxpayer money voluminously down the toilet like you are on your first week of the ketogenic diet, even if acting is a bigger passion for Mr. Trudeau than frivolous issues like “inflation” and “balancing the budget”. No one in Canada wants to see either of you frittering away our funds – nor do we want the unpleasant surprise of seeing your faces when we innocently open Twitter to read up on Mr. Musk’s latest round of COVID-19 corruption exposes. And speaking of the Twitter Files, I can’t wait for Mr. Musk’s “Canadian edition” wherein he exposes your government for working with Twitter to suppress free speech (and potentially sway a recent election??).

Questions for you all (besides the obvious one of how each of you can live with yourself by accepting money in exchange for ruining innocent lives): Did you miss The (New) Science which has conclusively proven that:

  • The vaccine doesn’t actually prevent one from transmitting COVID-19.

  • Masks and lockdowns did not prevent the spread of COVID-19 (they did, of course, result in record-high drug overdoses, suicides, developmental delays, domestic abuse cases, etc. – but at least none of the affected died of “COVID” – amirite???).

  • Year over year, the mortality rate of Canadians didn’t increase during the years of the “pandemic”, but rather only after the “vaccines” were rolled out. At no time during the “pandemic” was anyone but the very old or infirm at heightened risk of death or severe illness due to COVID-19.

  • There are some interesting studies flying around the internet regarding immune tolerance, which show mRNA vaccines are causing dramatic increases in IgG4 antibodies – the kind that are typically related to beestings, peanut butter allergies, etc. I trust that PHAC has reviewed these studies closely to confirm that the boosters are not, indeed, causing damage to the vaccinees’ immune systems. Or, you can just file these along with all of the others that don’t support the official narrative!

I note that, as of today’s date, your Government (it’s certainly not mine) has paid out a mere $2.7M to 50 claimants for vaccine injuries since June 2021, denied 209 claims for failing to meet the eligibility criteria or being incomplete, and is currently reviewing 700 more files. So at current pace, you’re on track to pay out over $7,000,000 for vaccine injuries up to the end of this year – and that’s after your government rejects the majority of claims for failing to prove causation, and not just correlation, between the clot shot and subsequent life-altering injuries. Of course, this doesn’t even take into account the thousands of injuries that are winding their way through the medical system prior to the filing of a claim for support.

I look forward to your response. May 2023 bring each of you everything you deserve!

Oh – and by the way – I’m a bit concerned that Santa didn’t make an appearance in your Pfizer propaganda video: can you please confirm he is actually still alive, and didn’t have an unfortunate case of the SADS, brought on, of course, by his fifth booster mixed with a flu shot? (You can easily verify the jolly old man is alive and well by confirming each of you received a well-deserved lump of coal in your stocking on Christmas morning!)

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