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Jordan Peterson's "Re-Education"

Sent: January 5, 2023 3:23 PM To: '' <> Cc: '' <> Subject: Jordan Peterson's "Re-Education"

Good afternoon,

I wanted to reach out to thank you for sanctioning Dr. Peterson. It is astounding to think that, here, in 2023 in Canada, Mr. Peterson would have the audacity to publish such extremely dangerous statements as:

  • “Justin Trudeau is a prik.” Of course Mr. Trudeau is not a prik!! Sanctimonious bastard, and “prick”, yes, absolutely. Thank you for holding Mr. Peterson to a very high standard for spelling mistakes.

  • “There is no such thing as climate”. Well, I think the Ontario College of Psychologists has clearly established that yes, Victoria, there is a climate, and it is a climate of left wing intolerance. Sorry Jordan, the tribe has spoken, and your Charter Rights and Freedoms must take a backseat to the feelings of some hipster with “they/them” pronouns living in Mommy’s basement. Of course, in a subsequent tweet, Mr. Peterson does actually laud climate change, stating that “[t]here is simply nothing that climate change can’t do . . .” in relation to an article correlating climate change and domestic violence. So maybe you should reassess him as “climate change neutral”?

  • “The most clueless politician in Canada wants to regulate ‘misinformation’”, tagging @theJagmeetSingh. Did Mr. Peterson forget Justin “the prik” Trudeau, Chrystia “let them renounce Disney+” Freeland, Erin “if I act like a Liberal maybe they’ll vote for me” O’Toole and Omar “I might just be a Syrian spy/garden gnome” Alghabra, amongst a host of others? Mr. Peterson must be severely beaten for such sloppy rankings.

  • “It’s not about LGBT rights. It’s about children’s rights.” I can’t believe Mr. Peterson thinks the needs of children who are completely dependent on their caregivers are more important than those of minor attracted persons. We all know who the real victims in society are, amirite?

  • “Absolutely. And the sooner the better [for the Epstein client list to be released].” Bill Gates has 114 billion reasons why this can’t happen! I hear Mr. Trudeau has a few reasons of his own as well! Speaking of the prik, has anyone at the College assessed Mr. Trudeau, either in relation to the Point Grey sexual assault allegations, or in relation to his clear case of narcissism mixed with delusions of grandeur? I feel like that combination of trust fund confidence mixed with an ego bar none, and an intellect that one could most politely describe as “insufficient”, would make a unique project for some eager thesis student.

  • “. . . PM @JustinTrudeau has way niftier socks than Joseph Stalin”. Mr. Peterson should also have mentioned that Mr. Trudeau is much more handsome than Stalin, has better hair, and, even with the legalization of hard drugs and the MAID program, is much lower in “kills” than Uncle Joe. On the bright side, he has at least another three years to catch up!

  • “Food companies are rigging our most trusted institutions – and the medical system profits as we become sicker, fatter, more infertile and more depressed.” How dare Mr. Peterson be so healthist, weightist, fecundist and happyist. This is not what society needs, when such altruists as Coca-Cola, General Mills and of course, Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen, are just doing the Lord’s work, one “died suddenly” at a time! (See Jordan – it all comes back to preventing climate change!)

  • “If the data contradict your ideology, then persecute the scientist”. Sounds like Mr. Peterson agrees with your Soviet-style persecution tactics to me! Case closed, lock him up!

I could go on and on. As you know, Mr. Peterson’s Twitter account includes a host of comments disparaging child porn, making not-so-subtle implications that Dear Leader and his cabinet members are corrupt, accusing mainstream media of being bought and paid for, and retweeting extremist, right-wing, antisocial UCP members of parliament whose views could best be described as centrist. It is clear that an intervention is not only recommended, but required for such dangerous statements.

In all seriousness, can you please give your heads a collective shake??? The fact that the College has failed to express any outrage at society being ripped apart for the past three years in order to prevent the spread of the common cold, has failed to make a statement on the severe harm that lockdown restrictions have had upon the mental health of every Canadian, has failed to take any actions to protect children too young to understand the lifelong impact of a decision to accept hormone suppressing medications, and has failed to take a stand in favour of common sense and free speech, completely discredits your organization, and it discredits each one of you “intellectuals” who feel morally and intellectually superior to us mouthbreathers west of Lake Superior.

You should all be completely embarrassed by the role you have taken in attacking and trying to suppress free speech. I leave you with this thought, courtesy of George Orwell: “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” I guess that explains why you have made Mr. Peterson your target.

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