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"It's better we know what Jamie Sale thinks now"

Sent: February 8, 2023 3:30 PM To:; BRODIE FENLON <> Cc: Subject: "It's better we know what Jamie Sale thinks now"

Ms. Ahmed and CBC,

Even though I knew better, I elected to read your opinion, handcrafted for Mr. Trudeau’s bought and paid for CBC, on Ms. Sale and her defense of “freedom” today: First off, as one who opines frequently for the CBC, I would assume that you would know that the common usage of words don’t require quotation marks, but here we are. You seem to mock Ms. Sale in her dedication to values such as “truth, freedom and justice” and “shared values”. You also quote Ms. Sale as arguing that masking children is “child abuse”.

Just a few points, that I’d like to clarify to both you and CBC, for your edification:

  • First off, judging from your website, you are one of CBC’s favourite types of author; someone who can find sexism in athletics, uses CBC buzzwords such as misogyny, intersectionality and inclusion (that last one is my favourite, given CBC’s stance on anyone who dares to disagree with its one-sided publishing) and who takes offense to headlines such as “From Veils to Cleats”, a documentary about an African soccer team. (I haven’t watched this documentary, aka “Veils and Cleats”, but it actually sounds pretty uplifting, as it is a feel-good movie about Zanzibar’s only women’s soccer team battling cultural and economic challenges – I wonder if the Muslim women who were showcased share your outrage over the title.) Given your resume, I’m honestly quite confused as to why you weren’t Mr. Trudeau’s first pick for the new role of anti-Islamophobia representative; or have you said something inflammatory about Quebec lately?

  • I do appreciate the lack of self-awareness that you and your left-leaning friends have when publishing stories about the big, bad, misogynist, right-wing, antisocial, “anti-vaxxer”, “freedom loving” extremists. You accuse Fox news of being a “bastion of truth-telling and excellent journalism (*read with dripping sarcasm*)”; presumably the bracketed clause was inserted because the average CBC reader doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand humour (or to rotate shapes in their head). Don’t you think anyone from CBC accusing a media broadcaster of lacking objectivity and being disingenuous is just a tad too on-the-nose at this point in history?

  • Regarding Ms. Sale’s crazy allegation that “’freedom’ has been under attack since the COVID-19 pandemic” and that “vaccines . . . violate personal freedoms”, can we stand back with a cold eyes view of the past few years?

  • Last year, your prime minister (he has never spoken for me, in any form) wondered aloud whether the unvaccinated (which includes me, a middle-aged white woman who, unfortunately for my attempts to get a writing gig with CBC, does not wear a hijab or extol the merits of gender transitioning surgery for 6 year-olds) should even be “tolerated” in Canadian society, and his sidekick, Mr. Jagmeet “Sell Out” Singh postulated that the unvaxxed should be held down and forced to take an experimental mRNA treatment against their will. Fun times!!! I really enjoyed lying in bed at night waiting for the UN goons to come and haul me away to quarantine camp; the mark of true freedom in any society. These statements were made, of course, after many scientific studies had already been released, showing first that the “vaccines” were not actually preventing transmission of the deadly COVID-19 virus (a virus so deadly it only kills those over 70 years of age with multiple comorbidities, and does not affect year over year mortality until after a vaccine program is implemented), nor was it in any way safe as evidenced by the multiple children dropping dead from strokes and heart attacks over the past few years. Have you heard of Sean Hartman? His father is still seeking justice for the death of his 16 year-old son, who was coerced into accepting the “vaccine” to play hockey, and died shortly thereafter. How about Eric Homersham, Colton Windrem and other Canadian children who have recently and “unexpectedly” died, post-vaccine?

  • In terms of Ms. Sale stating that masking children is child abuse, can we agree that the definition of child abuse, per Webster’s Online Dictionary, is “the physical or emotional . . . mistreatment of children”? If so, let’s also agree that masking children qualifies as child abuse, both because it places them in a state of hypoxia (*insert CBC reader joke here*), exposes them to dangerous bacteria, delays their development, socially, linguistically and academically, and has resulted in a whole generation of children who are scared of a virus that will statistically NEVER kill them, and are unable to read facial expressions due to missing out on key developmental periods in their lives. But, but, but – the masks saved lives, right??? No, they most assuredly did not:

Although I’m not exactly sure what the point of your op ed actually was, it seems to be that you have lost your hero-worship of Ms. Sale because she dared to speak out against The Science (which is changing daily – better watch out or you might be asking for amnesty soon: Might I suggest that the more thoughtful members of society have always understood that idealizing anyone politically because of a talent for sports is a very odd thing to do? Why shouldn’t Ms. Sale, or Mr. Fleury, or Mr. Rodgers, or any other celebrity speak their mind when they see injustice and lemming-like groupthink taking over society? And speaking of another one of your heroes (I’m assuming): Mr. Fauci yesterday advised that the mRNA vaccines don’t actually work very well: Oops-a-daisy! Ah well, mistakes happen, amirite? The most important thing is to Trust the Science, until it changes – and then Trust the Revised Science!

CBC: I’m off to buy a VPN. Once Justin’s new and improved censorship bill gets passed, and you implement a full-on attack of online streaming, I’m afraid my blood pressure is going to shoot up, way past the point of any vaccinated individual straight into “died suddenly” territory. For the “vaccinated” members of your department, I point you to this one last analysis of the data:, which shows that each vaccine dose increases mortality by 7% per year. This is a compounding effect, which means if you were to have had 5 jabs, by the year 2041 you will be 700% more likely to die than an unvaccinated individual. To quote Scooby-Doo, “Ruh-roh!”. And to quote the Hunger Games, “May the odds be ever in your favour”.

Yours in freedom, Charter rights and shared values – and bouncy houses and street hockey! Honk, honk.

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